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  1. If Christine hits a home run with Mozartiana , her promotion would be sooner than later.
  2. Zhong jing Fang, Paulina Waski and April Giangeruso for soloist. More principal parts for T Forster and soloist parts for Grey Davis.
  3. The man in gray with a camera looks like Keith Roberts .
  4. I think this production is borrowed/rented from the National Ballet of Canada and it was redesigned by Santo Loquasto a few seasons ago.
  5. Was hoping that his "subway save" would bring him to the attention of the ballet staff and director.
  6. Gray has the height,technique and good looks of a lead dancer. All he needs is a chance for an important leading role. If i remember correctly, he was an early Grand Prix winner at YAGP.
  7. I agree with Natalia. Keep it.
  8. Maybe, Sarah was not given a Medora as she is preparing O/O.
  9. There are several ladies in the corps that should be in the promotion list especially ZFang, PWaski ,AGiangeruso and KWilliams
  10. Didn't she danced Swan Lake before with A. Corella'a Barcelona Ballet?
  11. It would have been better if KevinMc came out during the curtain calls and announced Christine's promotion to principal dancer. Just a wish...
  12. Thanks for the report of today's matinee. Wish i could have seen it. Regarding Z Zhang, i'm sure, you meant his dancing of Basilio instead of Don Q in the future.
  13. Too bad, Stella can't be there. She is scheduled to dance Giselle at the Met.
  14. In the FB of Prix Benois de la Danse.
  15. Stella Abrera , Jeffrey Cirio and Alexei Ratmansky are among the nominees of the 2017 Prix de Benois. Congratulations to all.