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  1. Too bad, Stella can't be there. She is scheduled to dance Giselle at the Met.
  2. In the FB of Prix Benois de la Danse.
  3. Stella Abrera , Jeffrey Cirio and Alexei Ratmansky are among the nominees of the 2017 Prix de Benois. Congratulations to all.
  4. Why? Is Misty's Don Q a sold-out already?Just curios.
  5. KMck , Please take take note.
  6. Oh no! The NBTLH section was the heart-breaking part of the Balanchine version.
  7. Wow! I don't remember the WP dance critic ever raving on a particular dancer.
  8. That has been ABT's problem for as long as i remember. Surely, some of their donors could sponsor longer rehearsal period.
  9. Another potential Gisele, is Paulina Waski. She did a very creditable Gisele in a Xiomara Reyes-staged Gisele in Conn last year.
  10. How can the dancers dance in those costumes( if the sketches shown will be the actual costumes) ?
  11. I think the last 3 shows were sold out after the mostly favorable reviews.Too bad ,it was a bit late.
  12. Although not as well known as Sylvie Guillem and Isabelle Guerin, Karin Averty had a distinguished career at the POB ,dancing all the major ballerina roles in the POB repertoire. She was also a Varna IBC Gold medallist.
  13. As always, your reviews makes us feel like we are there. Thank you.
  14. No, he has not danced the Prodigal Son. It will be a debut for him.
  15. Complete SB casting for the Paris tour and partial casting for the Fall season is posted at the ABT site.