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  1. Actually this lecture by Doug Fullington shows that Balanchine did remember/recreate many of the steps:
  2. The NYTimes has a very nice photo essay of Vishneva's farewell.
  3. Thanks for the clips. I tried to take a video of the curtain calls but it was so crowded that it was nearly impossible.
  4. I was at Diana's emotional farewell tonight. She is a treasurable artist and will be missed, Full thoughts here:
  5. It might be hard to find the right partner for her but I think Veronika Part would be a wonderful Tatiana.
  6. I am sorry to hear this. They were really great in Who Cares?, Baiser de la Fee, Apollo. And their dogs Griz and Callie were so cute. Wish them the best.
  7. It looks like they've quietly lowered the prices in some second and third ring seats to $80.
  8. This ballet doesn't have that much actual dancing in it. You're best off grabbing one of the few Vishneva/Gomes tickets left, or Ferri/Bolle.
  9. Wow. I am sad to hear this news. I have some very fond memories of seeing Uliana Lopatkina. I was fortunate enough to see her the few times she toured to the U.S. She was bar none the finest Odette/Odile I've ever seen. Hard to believe that was just two years ago. Also loved her in the adagio of Symphony in C, La Bayadere, and smaller ballets like La Rose Malade and Dying Swan. Hope she passes down her knowledge and artistry to another generation of ballerinas.
  10. I also love how after giving out Martine's romantic history they make sure to emphasize that the two are not living together ...
  11. No but I do remember a year (with the old Kirkland production of Sleeping Beauty) where several principal ballerinas struggled visibly with the Rose Adagio ... Some fell off pointe, some shook like earthquakes ... It wasn't pretty.
  12. So I've collected my thoughts on last night's performance:
  13. I'll write more later but I thought she got to 24 ... (Yeah I was counting ...) But the worst was the defeated look she had after her fouettes. Odile is supposed to be dripping with smug glee, but Sarah looked visibly shaken.
  14. There's some footage I'd never seen before, especially of her dancing the second act of Giselle.
  15. Just picked up a ticket. Yay!