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  1. I was there tonight. Uh, I thought it was more empty calories than anything.
  2. Ratmansky is staging a reconstruction of Harlequinade for ABT next season:
  3. Megan Fairchild graduated from college today. Congrats Megan!
  4. The casting sheet for this week has been updated with various casting changes (and ballet changes):
  5. NYCB's website (not the casting page) has some program changes for the upcoming week. Herman Scherman pas de deux is dropped, After the Rain replaces it.
  6. Indeed. I also think the casting for Here/Now has been odd. Sara Mearns and Amar Ramasar were dancing every night, sometimes twice a night. Not a surprise both got injured.
  7. MSND casting still hasn't been posted yet. Wow.
  8. I was there one horrible evening when Andy was dancing Donizetti Variations. He was clearly struggling and after one hard landing he stumbled offstage and did not return. Ashley danced the coda alone. He didn;t even come out for a curtain call. He was injured and taken out of the premiere Rodeo the day after -- Justin Peck took his place. He did come back from the injury but I've noticed that he's not quite the same dancer -- everything is more effortful. Nevertheless he remains a wonderful partner and obviously has the trust of Ashley Bouder and many other NYCB ballerinas.
  9. Not to mention the Bolshoi has done Onegin a number of times, and they are usually very pro-active about live-streaming their new productions. But there has been no official HD livestream of Onegin.
  10. It's concerning how quickly the injuries seem to be happening -- I just saw Amar and Sara dance beautifully last week and now they're both out.
  11. Of the ones I know: Females: Sara Mearns Gretchen Smith Gina Pazcoguin Alston McGill Claire van Enck Of the men: Amar Ramasar Zachary Catazaro Anthony Huxley Preston Chamblee Silas Farley That's already 11. Yikes.
  12. Amar Ramasar has joined the ever-growing DL list and is replaced in all of this week's performances: He is who Robbie is replacing.
  13. Per Robbie Fairchild's instagram he's dancing in Spectral Evidence tonight:
  14. Anyone there this afternoon? I'm curious as to how audiences are liking Odessa.
  15. Saw Cast #2 tonight. It had a very different effect. The cast was so different from the first cast. Tyler Angle/Unity Phelan, Megan Fairchild/Daniel Ulbricht, Ashley Bouder/Taylor Stanley are much less intense dramatically than Sara/Amar, Sterling/Joaquin, and Tiler/Taylor. Some of the menace was gone. However there was more tenderness between the couples. Not better, not worse, just different.