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  1. I actually find Acocella's attitude offensive. Part of being a critic is sampling what is out there whether it interests you or not. I have a lot of objections to the way Macaulay reviews but he does make it a point to see a diverse amount of dance every week. Arlene Croce and Edwin Denby might sound extremely opinionated and even didactic today but they created a written history of dance in the era they covered and that's treasurable. Robert Gottlieb is in his 80's and still out there reviewing stuff. The New Yorker's lack of dance coverage is sad considering its history of reviewing the arts.
  2. I don't get why ABT makes it so hard for subscribers to buy extra tickets. You'd think that having healthy sales before tickets go to the general public is a good thing because then they can dynamically price performances that are already selling well? Whatever. It's their money to lose.
  3. I'm sort of laughing at this: Because Vishneva's years as a Vaganova student are actually well-documented. She was the subject of a documentary. You can see her here: Doesn't look at Dickensian as Vishneva describes.
  4. I also called (am sick) to buy extra tickets and was rudely told that I could only exchange via mail (not telephone) and also that I would not be allowed to buy extra tickets. This winter I had a ticket to NYCB but was unable to go due to a malfunctioning train. Their customer service rep immediately arranged a makeup date in the spring and gave me a list of dates to choose from. They were very nice about the whole thing. ABT seems determined to piss away its subscribers.
  5. another day, another review in which new works are dismissed due to their lack of meaningful same-sex partnering:
  6. She's the girlfriend of Justin Peck. This has been announced in articles so its not gossip. I assume she wants to be closer to Peck.
  7. I'm disappointed this has turned into an obvious effort to get people to donate more to Lincoln Center. IMO it leaves the long-time patrons of the Met and NYCB in the lurch.
  8. From what I see the costumes actually look rather overwhelming.
  9. In fairness to Vaziev, he's brand new at the Bolshoi and needs to play the game. For whatever reason Dimitrichenko seems to have friends in high places who are determined to protect him. I'd take Vaziev's official statement with a whole truckful of salt.
  10. Hmm, looks like the men being groomed for the short bravura roles are Harrison Ball and Joseph Gordon. Both have danced the Brick Boy in DAAG, Candy Cane in Nutcracker, Ball has danced Puck, Gordon has danced the third movement in Symphony in C and Symphony in Three Movements.
  11. BTW you do know that the NEA also funds the fine fabrics of which you're so fond to make expensive tutus in classical productions.
  12. Megan Fairchild used to dance the third movement. Not sure why she doesn't anymore. Ashly Isaacs in recent years has been an excellent third movement soloist. I think Alston McGill was the understudy in that Paris performance.
  13. Thanks for the detailed review Bart! I'm sorry to hear your dad is unwell Fairy's Kiss sounds fun and like Ratmansky could very well stage it in NY. I certainly hope so. Certainly the score itself is gorgeous. In my experience Ratmansky ballets vary based on the quality of the music. He seems one of those choreographers who has to be inspired by a piece of music to do his best work.
  14. I have no problem with Macaulay trying to move the needle towards more acceptance of same-sex partnering in ballet. However his using that as the sole litmus test for whether he likes a new work seems overly dogmatic. And as of late it does seem like he's only looking to see if there's same sex partnering in contemporary ballets. His other adored ballerina is Isabella Boylston. ABT reviews tend to center heavily around her.
  15. For those who follow corps members with as much love as principal dancers, here's a nice article about Silas Farley. No idea his brother was Mathias Farley on the Colts. But what a talented family!