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  1. As far as patrons go: Despite an insane amount of wealth, I don't think there is really a strong sense of civic responsibility in LA. Perhaps it's because so many people have come from somewhere else. Eli Broad is obviously an exception. Orange County is another story. It's history isn't long, so many of the families who built it up out of ranches, orange groves and farms are still around and tend to be the biggest donors. I don't know if either place has both the big donors and enough of an audience to fill the seats. I'm hoping Segerstrom's dismal dance programming for next year isn't a reflection of the interest in classical ballet in Orange County.
  2. She also withdrew from Nutcracker in California in 2015. She was supposed to have opening night and one other night. She wasn't scheduled to dance in Nutcracker in 2016.
  3. She does sound angry and bitter to me. I understand the feeling, but I feel like she isn't handling it well. I see no relationship between her comment and the article referenced. (It was on Alexei Ratmansky's Facebook--sorry I forgot to mention where he posted it).
  4. Alexei Ratmansky just posted a link to the New York Times article about the Bolshoi cancelling their ballet based on Nureyev. Veronica Part commented, "Well...🤐And ABT fired at least 2 Russian ballerinas."
  5. I hope you didn't think I was being rude. I just started wondering, since you mentioned her, if there is a height that is just considered too short. (I'm not sure of her height, but for some reason I am thinking that it's less than 5'2"). I hope not, as she is a beautiful dancer.
  6. Elina is so short that I've wondered if that keeps her from being promoted.
  7. Royal has to be promoted to soloist, right? They can't possibly leave him in the corp.
  8. Segerstrom has sent out an email listing the current schedule as their International Dance Series. Sigh.
  9. I can't fathom what they are thinking with this schedule. I thought the addition of the ABT Gillespie School would mean an increase in classical ballet coming to Segerstrom. Other than Nutcracker, there is only one classical ballet company on the list and no other full length ballet. I'm very disappointed.
  10. I've complained to Segerstrom before about their website. Often nothing comes up under Classical Ballet. Everything just gets listed under Dance. So, if one were to search only for ballet it would appear that nothing is on the schedule.
  11. I suppose the reason I don't expect ABT to hire mainly dancers who have spent their lives at JKO is because I don't assume that all of the best dancers live near NYC. The best dancers have something inside them that I think goes beyond their training. Should an amazing dancer in Kansas not have a shot at dancing with ABT because her parents couldn't relocate to New York when she was 8? I think a better measure of JKO's program would be how many graduates are getting contracts anywhere. On a different note, it looks like JKO is changing up their curriculum a bit for next year. Level 3, the highest Children's Level, has added more classes to the weekly schedule and the Pre-Professional Level is now just divided into Upper Level 1 and Upper Level 2.
  12. Ratmansky cast Lauren Bonfiglio, Catherine Hurlin and Tyler Maloney as the child leads in his first Nutcracker and they are all company members now, so I would agree that he has a talent for identifying potential.
  13. I'm guessing that ABT at Segerstrom will be an every other year thing, with the exception of Nutcracker. We got the premiere of Sleeping Beauty, then a gap year, then Whipped Cream. I hope that isn't the case.
  14. I guess you can say that at least it's turnabout. The boy marries his rescuer. Usually it's the girl marrying the prince who rescued her. I'm not attending until Sunday night, but I love reading your reviews.