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  1. I suppose the reason I don't expect ABT to hire mainly dancers who have spent their lives at JKO is because I don't assume that all of the best dancers live near NYC. The best dancers have something inside them that I think goes beyond their training. Should an amazing dancer in Kansas not have a shot at dancing with ABT because her parents couldn't relocate to New York when she was 8? I think a better measure of JKO's program would be how many graduates are getting contracts anywhere. On a different note, it looks like JKO is changing up their curriculum a bit for next year. Level 3, the highest Children's Level, has added more classes to the weekly schedule and the Pre-Professional Level is now just divided into Upper Level 1 and Upper Level 2.
  2. Ratmansky cast Lauren Bonfiglio, Catherine Hurlin and Tyler Maloney as the child leads in his first Nutcracker and they are all company members now, so I would agree that he has a talent for identifying potential.
  3. I'm guessing that ABT at Segerstrom will be an every other year thing, with the exception of Nutcracker. We got the premiere of Sleeping Beauty, then a gap year, then Whipped Cream. I hope that isn't the case.
  4. I guess you can say that at least it's turnabout. The boy marries his rescuer. Usually it's the girl marrying the prince who rescued her. I'm not attending until Sunday night, but I love reading your reviews.
  5. I'm going closing night. I always wonder why they price tickets so high and then end up dumping a lot of them on Goldstar. Wouldn't it make more sense to just price them lower to begin with? Or offer previous patrons a discount? I do know multiple people who have never attended a ballet before that are coming to see Whipped Cream just because they love Mark Ryden. I'm so glad that he his promoting the production on his social media accounts. Perhaps some of those attending will discover that they really enjoy ballet.
  6. My daughter is not quite twelve and people always ask her if she's a dancer. I'm not sure if it's just her posture or the way she somehow seems like she is being lifted up from the inside. I don't know if this will last through puberty and into adulthood, but she sure is hoping that it does.
  7. If you see a ballet at Segerstrom in Costa Mesa, you can only bring bottled water into the theater. So at the end of intermission you have people huddled around the trash cans trying to finish their wine before the final bell chimes. However, if you see a Broadway show there you can get a plastic top and little straw and bring your wine inside the theater. I find it interesting as there is no difference in sound or the ability of the patrons to control their tendency to spill. I can't abide snacking and crinkling. However, sometimes I wish people would risk quickly unwrapping lozenges rather than coughing constantly throughout a performance.
  8. I had to laugh at the, "*Indicates debut in role." This is the world premiere of the ballet. They are all debuting in their roles.
  9. Last night the torch lift with Stella Abrera and Alexandre Hammoudi was much better--the best I've seen anyone perform it in ABT's Nutcracker. (Admittedly I've only seen this Nutcracker for two years, but I have seen it eight times in those two years). I didn't see a Stella Abrera show last year, but I'm glad I saw both of her shows this year. Something about her dancing makes my eyes well up.
  10. Stella really kind of ran and leapt yesterday afternoon. It came out as a swift kind of lift to shoulder height and a second lift to get her higher, but it was still much better than the awkward stop. She was so beautiful I'm going back tonight.
  11. I saw Murphy/Whiteside on Saturday night and it was great. I was also at the Boylston/Cirio show this afternoon and was less impressed. I will see an Abrera/Hammoudi show as well. I'd love to hear your reactions to the other shows. I'm not well-versed enough to give a good review, but I love to read what others thought.
  12. There are a lot of Mark Ryden fans in California. Whether that will translate to new ballet-goers in Costa Mesa remains to be seen, but one can hope.
  13. I love Mark Ryden so I'm very excited to see how this goes.
  14. Simkin danced with Lane at both of her shows last year. I'm guessing some of casting has to do with availability, but I think Misty getting three shows has a lot to do with ticket sales. Or, to be less cynical, giving more of her local fans an opportunity to see her perform. I checked last night and ticket availability for her shows is already less than other shows. My daughter was one of the children dancing in the production last year. We don't find out which shows our kids will be performing in until late in the game. This year people know that if they want to see Misty they will have to buy tickets first and then hope it's the same night their child performs. I'm hoping to see Stella this year.
  15. Since he was partnered with Part last year I'm guessing one of them is unavailable this year. They've also gone from 14 shows to 12 and have Copeland dancing in 3 rather than 2, so I'm wondering if tickets will be harder to get the longer one waits to buy them.