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  1. For me this is quite excellent programming. Makes me wish I lived in Germany...
  2. Saw this in Canada and would not recommmend. Generic, boring. And why would they perform in a warehouse that previously housed the printing equipment for the Evening Standard newspaper? The whole thing is just far too bizarre.
  3. Good gracious she is gorgeous. Thank you for posting this naomikage. And volcanohunter as crazy as it sounds I think you are so right - even Hernandez probably wouldn't get much here. . Either the artistic direction has very poor taste or they simply don't give chances to people based on their talent. Either way it will bite them in the backside eventually. Im sure all companies make questionable decisions sometimes but this company in particular is just so off the mark right now it's pretty unbelievable. Granted I haven't been around long enough to compare it to previous directors so maybe it's always been this way. Also I am curious to ask what you mean by saying that Fischer is considered "right" by company orthodoxy. I'm guessing you mean politics or? I saw her in Cinderella (Blond stepsister) and Giselle (Myrta) and wasn't really taken. By the way happy Victoria Day weekend everyone I have no idea what we are celebrating 😂
  4. I must agree with you volcanohunter. It just seems odd that so many of the dancers, let alone principal dancers, don't seem to actually perform much of anything here at all. Especially something like Swan Lake. I mean Isn't that the kind of thing principal dancers usually live for? Where they really get to use all their talent and show their art? I just don't get it. Nor do I understand what I see posted above regarding yet more upcoming programming of this Robert Binet. Again. Why though. What is happening?! Now we have to sit through two in the same program. 😩 Honestly I feel like there is something either we don't know about or maybe something happening behind the scenes that is causing all this odd casting and questionable/poor programming. Or maybe this is genuinely the standard of work they aspire to here. Maybe they look at what they program and honestly think "we are doing it! World class! " Lol On a happier note how amazing to see Mr. Gomes coming here and in such a sublime work. Thank goodness!
  5. Someone who's work and vast contributions will last forever. Rest in Peace.
  6. Just saw this now. Wonderful. Just so very proud of this company. Quality and class all the way!
  7. Yes yes yes indeed!
  8. Josette, I couldn't agree more. I think he is a great example of where dancers should be looking for inspiration. The tricks aren't enough. You need to be able to d-a-n-c-e and have something unique and striking about you. I feel that this company understands it better than most. It's so exciting to see the dancers find "themselves" on stage - to realize their potential and become their own artist.
  9. Thank you for this! I so enjoy hearing dancers discuss from their point of view dancing certain roles. Her shorter stature I'm sure has had a huge effect on her experiences just as a taller dancer probably the same. I hope we can learn to celebrate this diversity in ballet more and more. The more different the dancers the more variety in interpretation and for the audience I think this is an exciting thing.
  10. Well I wasn't planning on writing about the mixed program. Like Pinocchio my instinct was not to go. Why bother when paying this much for mediocre work? But the lack of dance in my life began messing with me and I took a couple girlfriends out for a night. Afterward, I didn't write here because I didn't really feel there was much to say. But I'm starting to think if I don't than no one else will either lol. In a nutshell it was alright. Genus was interesting and if you saw his previous work you will enjoy it as it is definitely his "style". I actually saw this in Paris when it premiered so it was a treat for me. When I looked back in my journal I saw that the one thing I felt at the time was that the best part of it was the design. He clearly has a knack for working with great visual designers and Genus is a great example of "Mcgregor work" because in my opinion you will almost always get something visually striking, bold and thoughtful. Now I use the word thoughtful because his work is always very cerebral and theory based. The thing is that I'm not convinced that just because something is based in some kind of intellectual theory that it will make great dance work. At the end of the day people are paying - and by holy moly are they ever paying here - to see dance. Good dance. Great dance. Was it? The dancers really went for it and it's not fair obviously to compare them to the Paris cast but I'm just not convinced they had much aside from dense and physically exhaustive steps to work with. It was visually striking though. Tarantella was fantastic. In fact I was most taken by Dylan Tedaldi. He was effortless in his dancing and so very charming. I love the work and am surprised it's not done more often outside NYC where I've seen it probably a dozen times. It never fails. Audiences love it and I'm told by dancers that it is obviously hard with its speed and cast of only two but that it is great fun. The Concert like Tarantella I have seen many times in NYC. The best part of it for me is being able to see the acting talents of the dancers. Dancing well isn't good enough. You have to have presence, timing, comedic/dramatic ability and intelligence to know when to use these skills and how. All in all I would say that the dancers did well. There was something about it that felt dated however. The ballet itself felt past it's prime. And this got me thinking. Is that the ballet or the performers? I'm sure there is no answer but the truth is when I've seen this ballet in New York it didn't feel dated. However when a ballet has been made on a company they often have a stronger grasp of it than others. Maybe it was the coaching? I just don't know. The Ballerina for instance - try as she might - she just didn't "get it" in the way she should have. We didn't know what she was trying to say. I think as an artist you have to make choices. The choices weren't clear here. As was pointed out to me afterward though the cast here was very young. The other ballet of the evening was called Self And Soul. To be honest I can't recall anything about it. It came and went without much happening. At dinner with friends afterward while looking over the programs - with hastily scrawled notes all over mine haha - I saw it was a piece by Mr. Binet - the same one who did the art gallery work that we were so disappointed by in the fall. The one legible note was the single word WHY with a bunch of exclamation points.
  11. NEA

    You know it actually does make me feel a little better dirac thank u! Here is to hoping this will be a mere blip in our countries history . .
  12. That is so true pherank. So much of leading a ballet company is managing precisely this. I have found it most impressive when directors find a way to nuture and give opportunity to up and coming dancers while also respecting and utilizing the more senior ones. It's hard to keep the changing of the guard from happening all at once. It probably won't ever be seamless. It's a tricky balance requiring intelligent leadership.
  13. Yes, Pinocchio - the only ballet being performed at the moment. Hopefully the mixed program will be better.
  14. Did anyone actually see this? I'm just not sure I'm willing to spend that much on something I know I have very little interested in. Feeling a bit down at the current offer of ballet to see in Canada during the coming year.
  15. NEA

    The more I read about Trump the more I need to remind myself that a vast portion of the population voted yes to him and his policies. The fact that the majority (it appears) supports a cut and more probably and elimination of the endowment for the arts is terrifying. I am completely lost on how to even attempt to fix that. How does anyone prove the value of art?