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  1. Good lord, what's happening to the ballet world in the last 12 months!? So Many awful news😢,Lopatkina is my favorite Russian ballerina, It's a very painful news considering than Lopatkina was performing better than ever, Her Nikiya and Raymonda in 2015 were proof that Ulyana was dancing better than ever, I'm astonished she won't have a farewell gala, how can Gergiev let Ulyana retire like that, he genuinely adores her and also thinking of the price ticket for a gala like that I can't understand how he can let her retire just like that.... BRAVA Queen Ulyana! The best Russian Odette/Odile, Nikiya, Raymonda, Dying Swan, Rose Malada, Russkaya of our days, I didn't always agreed with her decisions but she was/is my favorite Russian ballerina, sadly, Lopatkina has stated in many interviews that she has no interest in coaching, let's just hope she becomes AD of the Mariinsky and we don't have to suffer because of Fateyev anymore. the only good thing about this is that now maybe JUST MAYBE Osmolkina or Novikova might get promoted.... as MadameP said, God bless her and may she live a very happy and long life!
  2. Tabitha I appreciate your comments, we couldn't possibly agree more. Sergei's intention was ALWAYS to reconstruct EVERYTHING, now, in order to do that a huge budged is needed and not all theatres can afford the sets and costumes, that was the case with "Fille" the original costumes for "La Fille" weren't reproduced because they were too expensive for the Ekaterinburg ballet + there weren't enough photos of the costumes but the ones used in the current production are VERY VERY VERY like seriously VERY pretty and they're not -as Natalia would say- "El Cheapo". About your second question, there is one person who will continue to reconstruct "a la Sergei" and that is Mr. Pavel Gershenzon, a walking ballet encyclopedia who was Vikharev's right hand in the reconstructions and also a dear friend so there is hope for us. There are a couple of Saint Leon's ballets notated, there are actually a large amount of French ballets that are notated, but they are at the Opera's bibliothèque and they are sacred and to have access to them is almost impossible and I don't think they're going to be touched by any foreigner ever. And yes, the way he was treated for the reconstructions was a shame, but he carried on regardless, the sabotages at the Mariinsky didn't stop him and he Triumphed at the end, so, sorry haters. Jealousy is such a bad thing, and there is so much of that in the ballet world(Especially the Russian ballet world) but Vikharev triumphed and the Mariinsky's loss was the Bolshoi's, La Scala and Ekaterinburg's gain, the haters will have to deal with it ;) I can't stop repeating how happy it made me to not see any of the Mariinsky old guard at his funeral, just friends and fans, he was not only a brilliant mind but also an incredibly kind and funny man, a fine soul. It's complicated to explain, but what my Russian boyfriend says is that on the ninth day after someone's death, the Orthodox Church offers prayers for the deceased, so the departed soul may be counted worthy to the numbered hoir of the saints, through the prayers and intercessions of the nine ranks of angels. if you have other questions you can PM me although I think you need to send a certain number of messages before being allowed to send Private messages
  3. Today is the Ninth Day, those who understand about the Orthodox Church know what it means... Ismene Brown has translated Kuznetsova's beutiful euology so those who don't understand Russian can enjoy it here : "Ballet's magician is gone" photos added to previous page
  4. No worries Natalia, even though I just got a back surgery I just couldn't miss my friend's funeral, as I said before It was a beautiful ceremony, NONE of the Mariinsky hypocrates were there, just fans and friends. Vikharev's muses, Osmolkina and Novikova were very very affected, Osmolkina, as usual, mourned more quietly, probably because she had her husband by her side but poor Novikova didn't have Sarafanov by her side(he was at the cemetery but not at the Mariinsky, probably he doesn't want to go back there) it was Rejen Abdyev who supported her all the time(at the Mariinsky) Osmolkina almost fainted at some moment, but Novikova almost fainted twice, I really felt so bad for her, she was destroyed just as Osmolkina but Katya mourned more quietly while Olesya really couldn't take it. It was a very dificult moment. photos by a friend It doesn't seem real, somehow, but it happened, and now it's time for his pupils to take care of his historic contribution's to classical ballet, and we will, I swear.
  5. Tabhita, thak you for your words Just as Natalia informed you, two of Vikharev's reconstructions are filmed for posterity, Coppelia for the Bolshoi and (thank goodness) Raymonda!!! The recons of La Bayadere, The sleeping beauty and Flora can be seen on youtube thanks to some fans, not in HD, but still, something is something. the costumes for the recons are being used in other ballets....I saw Lopatkina wearing Nikiya's first scene costume (for the dance around the sacred fire) in the scene where she dances with the slave. I adore Lopatkina but I will never forgive her for her oposition towards the reconstructions, but is understandable her hate towards them, she is a pupil of Dudinskaya so Lopatkina (and all the vaganova grads) have been brainwashed to swear loyalty to the AWFUL soviet versions. Natalia, there are news coming soon about Sergei's La Fille at Ekaterinburg, but I can't say more, just wait
  6. It was a very beutiful farewell to a very beautiful person, Pavel (Gershenzon) will not give up on recons, is all I can say and Novikova, poor woman, she was was probably the only person from the Mariinsky crying as much as me, my heart goes to her. reportage on Russian television
  7. Just landed in Saint Petersburg.... I won't rant about the lack of coverage Vikharev's death is having in the West, I will rant a little bit about how bad it is, seriously if these critics now too little or nothing at all, why do they bother? if they don't know about the deceased person then DON'T WRITE AT ALL Here is Anna Kisselgoff's note for the NYT, I suppose Kisselgoff had to write it since Macaulay knows nothing about Vikharev....nor does Kisselgoff knows much about him either, not just is a very superfluous, lack in serious, deep conten article..... It doesn't even have a picture of Vikharev, the man in the picture is Dmitry Korneyev! since a proper article couldn't be published at least the NYT could have gotten a correct picture, such a shame that a "respectable" publication didn't bother to review the material they publish...Also Kisselgoff's statement that "The Mariinsky has no revealed the death cause but some friends say.." Which friends? Whose's friends? certainly not Vikharev's because that wasn't Vikharev's death cause, to publish unofficial -and in this case- also incorrect information is a complete an absolute disrespect. Ismene's post has been the most decent I've read in english but it isn't as good as i expected from her, the most cultured western journalist about Vikharev's work, just a few paragraphs and then the republication of the amazing 2009 interview. Not that the publications in Russia have been glorious either, Kuznetsova's was the best of them all but it wasn't a marvelous obituary either, in all seriousnes, my bad for expecting more of dance critics, I should have learned after Chauviré's death.
  8. A facebook page in honor of Vikharev has been created, there are A LOT of videos, incuding a 30 minute interview on Russian Television about reconstruting ballet and a video of Vikharev's birthday at the Mariinsky last february, here is the link:Сергей-Вихарев-451471395211704/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED&fref=nf Yelena Pankova posted this two beautiful photos of her and Sergei dancing the Peasant PDD in 1984, god they were gorgeous! Here talking about Raymonda at La Scala (with italian subtitles) Here is another 40 minute long and very very interesting interview in the Bolshoi with Novikova Here is a most amazing 40-minute long conversation with Inna Sklyarevskaya (In Russian) Here an interview in Ekaterinburg talking about his reconstructions there and here rehearsals at the Bolshoi for Coppelia
  9. If the question is directed to me, then you didn't read my rants properly because my biggest complaints with the "after petipa" productions are the awful choreographic changes.
  10. If the soviet versions were credited to their real choreographers I wouln't hate them AS MUCH, I don't like them but I understand that many like them and that's fine but my biggest problem is when the Mariinsky old guard not only many times say those versions are true Petipa, some even dare to say that those versions are "Better" than Petipa (again, read the interview with Vikharev and Ismene Brown on the prevoius page) lord help me, anyone with a little of knowledge can tell how very little of true Petipa there is at the Mariinsky, the soviet productions are exactly that, Soviet, Marius Alphonse would have never choreographed such vulgar, boring, insipid productions, but it's not just that, they removed ALL the magic (mime,decor, etc etc etc) I understand why the Act 4 was removed from Bayaderka, why the White Lady was removed from Raymonda, but it's 2017 already so It's time to leave those changes behind, I understand why Saint Petersburgers would feel sad to see the productions they grew up with go, but it's beyond that, those people are either brainwashed or they have less knowledged about ballet than certain "profesional dance critics" of today, It's not nuclear physics, it's actually very simple to know that Petipa would have NEVER IN THE LIFE choreographed the boring atrocity we see in the soviet versions, people really danced in Petipa's time, they didn't just jump around in the most simplistic, insipid, boring ways, and the costumes and decor were as stunning as the dance itself, I just can't take anything labeled as "after Petipa" I can't. I can't comprehend how can anyone see a truncated Bayaderka after seeing the reconstruction of the real Bayaderka, nor can I understand how anyone can see any versions of Raymonda after seeing the reconstruction, I need my 6 billions extras, I need the mime, the decor and the pure French classicism of THE Master, but of course not everyone is as radical as I am, which is kind of good because most people don't have to suffer as much as I do! Being a die hard classicist ain't easy! But back to topic: Bravo Vikharev Forever! a brilliant brilliant brilliant BRILLIANT mind (and most kind man) with the skills and guts necessary to do what no one did before: reconstruct in full glory Petipa's real work, and proved to do it better than anyone else now that recons have become so "fashionable" but Vikharev and only Vikharev could do justice to Petipa, as I said before "Vikharev not only did it first, he also did it Best" and as Natalia said : "GOD SAVE THE MEMORY OF THE TSAR OF BALLET RECONSTRUCTIONS!" I think it will (unfortunately) actually take some years for a (shamefully) big part of the ballet community to understand, apreciate and realize how crucial, important and miraculous Vikharev's work was/is/always will be in the history of ballet.
  11. You're welcome sweetie, I love La Vivandiere too, and Seryozha and Yelena were just perfect for it. I too attended the Bayaderka recon premier (and the second performance with my beloved Pavlenko) it was my first night at the Mariinsky, my father had a very heated disscucion with a local who ranted and ranted about how it was a disgrace and a disrespect to Sergeyev, "What about the disrespect Petipa has been suffering with all those VULGAR soviet versions that nothing have to do with the French Master's work" my father answered........ the local almost had a stroke Anything "after Petipa" ahould be baned by law, so many people thinks the stories are stupid, that they don't make sense, that something is missing and Indeed, in everything "post Petipa" Petipa doesn't make sense, since the choreography is often vulgar, there's no mime, and the story is cut, everything "after Petipa" is tiny scaled, vulgar and forgettable. With Vikharev's reconstructions of Petipa's authentic work EVERYTHING makes sense. The mime, the choreo, the sets, the costumes, the billions of extras, the LUXURY just as Petipa created it, I really don't think there are enough words to thank the man who reconstructed what in his own words was "a pasthoral movement in the arts" The temple destruction in Bayaderka's 4 act, the pas de trois with Nikiya's ombre interfering, the flower basket handed to all makes sense, or in La Belle, the prologue, The vision scene with aurora dancing for real instead of jumping all around the stage , the APOTHEOSIS, I want to watch Le Reveil du Flore every single day, it's as Vikharev used to say "a beautiful Fabergé", You must be death inside if you don't smile with Coppelia, and Raymonda, oh Raymonda, the most luxurios, detailed, GRAND reconstruction of them all. His passing at only 56 it's frustrating and life is just not fair, how many people that have made so much damage to the arts are still alive and well but is the genius of Seryozha the one who dies so young is beyond despairing for me. I also attended the Raymonda premier too, gosh, I'm crying as I write, the 300 extras in the first scene, the 8 million nymphs and fairies in the vision scene!, then cour'd amour with other 5 million extras......the white lady "blinding" Abderakhm........... That was Vikharev's greatest thriumph, reconstruting Raymonda, entirely, whitout sabotages, without stupid dancers and ballet masters denying to dance what they were told, at La Scala everyone collaborated and I will NEVER forget the moment in which Vikharev and his team came on sage to take a bow, and they got the biggest ovation of the night and Vikharev lifted his arms as if he had just won an olympic gold medal, and it was something like that, he had told Ismene Brown a couple of months before: "I lost the battle but I havent lost the war", and that night at La Scala, with Raymonda FULLY reconstructed and FILMED for posterity, Sergei Vikharev won the war. At this point I can only hope Vaziev will invite Gershenzon to mount/supervise one of Vikharev's recons at the Bolshoi for the Petipa Jubillee. PS: I apologize for the typos!
  12. Well, finally all I have to say is Bon voyage Sergei!!! infinite Thanks!!!, I will continue to study the notations in order to honor your memory, HEROE!
  13. AMEN AME AMEN!!!!!! here some videos of Seryozha the dancer And here the trio of Sergeyev and Dudinskaya's pupils, Vikharev being a top graduate and a favorite of Sergeyev and Shapchits and Kullk being Dudinskaya's faves
  14. Kuznetsova just wrote the most sincere and beautiful obituary I have ever read: and she ends the article like this, because she had to make me cry even more
  15. My admiration for Vikharev is endless, not only he was the very first mastermind that reconstructed Petipa's authentic work, and he did so in the most hostile of environments, pretty much all of Saint Petersburg was against the reconstructions, the Mariinsky ballet masters and dancers often sabotaged his work, Vikharev would reconstruct, teach them the original choreography for a variation but once on stage the dancers would simply perform the Soviet versions, certain "sacred cows" actually cried when Vikharev's reconstructions premiered at the Mariinsky.....gosh they really brought the heavy artillery trying to make him stop, but they couldn't stop him, what an incredibly brave man, he keept reconstructing. I suppose all those ballet masters and dancers are happy now, they had a gem they didn't appreciate but heroes are always reinvindicadet, Vikharev reconstructed Petipa's work in the most hostile of environments but not only he did it FIRST, he also did it BEST. What a man. What is unnaceptable now is reading the "condolences" from the dancers that made his life an inferno, or from people like Ratmansky, seriously, hipocresy has no limits, I'm so glad Kuznetsova pointed that out in the obituary she wrote (which i'd post next) But haters gonna hate, they will have to live with it, Sergey made history, not only he did it FIRST, he also did it BEST. Today the world is a lesser place than it was yesterday, Sergey's death is a tragedy. But we can find comfort in the beauty of his work, in the meaningfulness of it, and in the fact that he made history. Here is a fantastic interview with Ismene Brown in which Vikharev talks about the struggles of reconstructing in Saint Petersburg and other things, and yes Sergey, you and your team made history. Thank you for that 💜