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  1. Madame P would have been 91 years old today, love you Maya. In commemoration a statue of Madame Maya as Carmen has been inaugurated today. https: //
  2. His Majesty Laurent Hilaire has been appointed AD of the Stanislavsky Ballet!!! I couldn't be happier for "Lolo" the Russians did appreciate him but a part of me is sad, It wouldn't have been necessary for him to go to Russia, he SHOULD be directing the Paris Opera!, Damn it, even La Scala but it is what it is, he wasn't appreciated at home but the Russians sure aren't as stupid! I'm sure he will make the stanmus the place to go to (which shouldn't be as difficult since there is a good crop of dancers, LH has material to work with!) Congrats to Laurent!!!!👏🙏
  3. Lol I came to post the news😂 I couldn't be happier for Monsieur Hilaire the Russians did appreciate him but a part of me is sad, It wouldn't have been necessary for him to go to Russia, he SHOULD be directing the Paris Opera!, Damn it, even La Scala but it is what it is, he wasn't appreciated at home but the Russians sure aren't as stupid! I'm sure he will make the stanmus the place to go to (which shouldn't be as difficult since there is a good crop of dancers, LH has material to work with!) Btw, Andrey Uvarov, who's currently in charge, will remain in the company. Congratulations to the Stanislavsky! They couldn't have made a better decision.
  4. And they turned down Hilaire for this? Bravo bravo and bravo La Scala ballet continues to be a joke, it was clear from the beginning that something like this could happen and here we are, arghh
  5. Shurale is PERFECTION!!!! Here's footage of Sasha and Obraztsova in Shurale, I was present at this performance and will never forget it, Sergeyev's performance was out of this world, he's absolutely insuperable in this role, what a gem of a dancer he is, I love Shurale soooo much it's one of my favorite ballets, everything about it is perfect, Yakobson's choreo is beautiful and Yarullin's score is absolutely intoxicating ❤ And here's footage of Her Majesty Terekhova dancing it in the 80's, thank goodness there's footage of her in this role so my generation can learn what a true ballerina is
  6. Madame, I was talking exclusively about Skorik, I won't see HER because I won't downgrade my taste, I was talking exclusively about infamous Skorik not about true Vaganova/Mariinsky ballerinas, they are the reason why I go to the theater, Lopatkina is my Idol, Novikova is probably my second favorite ballerina, I love Pavlenko (the two times a year she gets cast) and Osmolkina, Batoeva,Marchuk etc but most of them are never cast or miscast and there's so much talent in the corps but if they spend their entire careers in there or soloist wasteland (Dumchenko, anyone? ) then it's impossible for me to be optimistic about the future of the company. And this is the last time I post in here, I won't talk about Oxana Skorik ever again.
  7. Drew wrote I'm sick of this kind of comment, It's like if you praise or criticize someone it can only be because a favorite of one has been affected and NO, this is not the case, of the girls I mentioned that deserve a promotion I don't like for example: Osmolkina, but it's not a matter of liking or disliking, it's a matter of quality so even although Osmolkina is not a favorite of mine I know she's wonderful, I know she's a true prima and it's shameful that someone like her has been passed over by someone so outrageously bad like Skorik, who shouldn't be even refered to as a dancer. Also I can't believe you are comparing Skorik to MADAME DUDINSKAYA, I can't. Cygnet said: Yes I know he's Russia's cultural ambassador, as a young conductor myself, I respect Gergiev's career and I don't care if he is friends with the devil since that it's none of my business, what does bother me is his negligence towards the ballet company, of course Fateev not being a treat for him.... he's not going to fire him. Is that why he denied the AD position to Vaziev? It's easy to acclaim Vaziev for what he's doing in Moscow right now but one must remember that his tenure in MT brought us the gymnastic Somova (although Alina is Pavlova reincarnated if one compares her to Skorik) Cleo wrote I'm astonished to read this, we have to give her credit for what!? If she has had to go through many challenges there's a reason why: she's absolutely horrible, of course it's not her fault that a stick has a wider range of expression than her, It's Fateev's fault for promoting such a disgrace, if the Mariinsky has fallen from grace to the point one has to give credit because a girl "does the best she can" then not only the MT has problems, the audience has too, for years I have read how Alina Somova, a dancer I do NOT like has been trashed in this forum and never, not even once I read someone saying "she does the best she can so let's give her credit for that" why should one be kind to Skorik? Because of her stupid documentary? If you enjoy such a disgrace to appear on stage, good for you, but I don't downgrade my taste, god forbid. It's desperately disappointed,sad and confusing for me to read such comments. It's not my intention to offend any of you, I swear, but I can't understand, in this forum lots of dancers have been crucified for having minor defects but then there is people being more than merciful to Skorik, someone who has the technical competence of a student, can't act and has NO artistry, this is beyond me, sorry but if you defend someone like Skorik who must be the worst "dancer" to have set foot on the Mariinsky stage then whit what arguments can you complain of other people ever? Seriously. It's nothing personal against Skorik, I'm only judging what I see on stage, this is the Mariinsky Theater, someone like her shouldn't be allowed to dance here because this is THE Mariinsky and people with her defects simply does not (or should I say SHOULDN'T) be here, with all of her defects she can be 2nd soloist in a small company but not the Mariinsky, the Mariinsky is or was supposed to be the greatest company in the world, right? Then only the best should be dancing here, and Skorik it's the opposite of best. Why should one be okay with that situation? It's not her fault being a horrible horrible ""dancer"" it's Fateev's fault for promoting her but that doesn't mean one should be "politically correct" and say "let's give her credit for trying", this not a place for people who "does the best they can", if someone is horrible one must say it, there's nothing right with saying it, bad it's to shut, insulting it's to "be okay" with the situation, outrageous is to accept it, to each his own of course but I can not and will never accept this kind of "dancer" to take over what once was the greatest ballet company in the world, a company where the audience wasn't supposed to give credit to someone "because she is doing the best she can", this is THE Mariinsky Theater and one should expect every performer to take over the house with the grace, confidence and magic one expects from Mariinsky dancers, one should expect every performance to be a milestone, that's what the Mariinsky is (or WAS) about. I only expect magic from the Mariinsky and POB, I stopped going to the Paris Opera altogether and it seems my trips to Russia will come to an end too, If you like Skorik then great for you, you'll keep going to the Mariinsky for many years but unfortunately I will not, I will never accept this kind of degradation and I will not downgrade my taste.
  8. But WHY has no one stopped this madness? edited to add that i have been informed that Fateev, in fact, does not listen to the teachers
  9. Of course she's not a Mariinsky ballerina, how could she when she's not a vaganova graduate, I feel insulted, this is THE Mariinsky Theater, "competence" is enough for a 4th grade vaganova student not for someone already dancing in the MT, this is THE Mariinsky theater and you must be a PERFORMER, you must create a story and move people to tears! how Skorik who does NOT have any of these attributes is dancing at the Mariinsky and even worst WHY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH has she been named Principal dancer is beyond me, meanwhile true vaganova/Mariinsky dancers like Novikova (a true Prima and a brilliant Aurora) and Osmolkina(another lovely Aurora!) were overlooked in order to promote Skorik, this is disgusting. You just can't put a tutu on, be a favorite of the AD and be promoted Principal when you have NO attributes to be a principal.Sorry for the rant, but I'm an overly emotional teenage girl and I'm seriously worried because if the Mariinsky is going to allow people with poor technique, two facial expressions (maniacal grin/scared deer) and NO artistry be a "Principal" instead of true performers capable of create magic like the Vaganova graduates are,then I don't know if I will keep going to the ballet when I'm older, judging by what I see, I will not, I'd just keep watching my Kurgapkina/Kolpakova/Komleva/Terekhova/Shapchits/Lopatkina videos and I'll keep crying and asking what happened to the Mariinsky and why no one stopped this madness
  10. Lopatkina's Artistic Evening included Carmen Suite and divertissement, where she performed and artists selected by her. She performed: The Adagio from "Simphony in C" Thais PDD Fragments of a Biography (choreography by Vladimir Vasiliev) Adagio from "The Legend of Love" Prelude n. 8 from "Preludes and Fuges" Gran Pas from Raymonda. And of course: The Swan.
  11. The june 1st Swan Lake performance has Osmolkina and Stepin in the leads, oh god let this cast hold!!! also the June 2 Swan Lake has the one and only Danny Korsuntsev scheduled as Siegfried but his O/O is's not realistic of me to expect Ulyana to be cast, is it? Kondaurova and Ermakov are scheduled to dance R&J, Vishneva will be dancing a couple of Giselles with Ganio and there's an artistic evening with Lopatkina and a couple of Raymondas but there's not much info about it yet.
  12. Well I'm confused, I had an in-deep conversation with Shklyarov on wednesday night and again on saturday afternoon and he told me that he is leaving for good, it's a lie that they're only taking a "sabbatical", he is leaving for good, the reason why he is leaving the mariinsky is merely personal, he spoke about how Saint Pete's is no longer "that safe" and that he wanted his son to be raised in Germany, this prevent me from yelling my "What the hell are you doing to your carreer" speach, because he seems to be aware that leaving the Mariinsky is a step back for his career but then again he spoke about how was the wellbeing of his little boy what drove him to take this decision,so, chapeu to him. He reaffirmed all of this on saturday, and told me he will come back as a guest whenever the Mariinsky needs him, but reading the article posted above I don't know if Evening Kazan misunderstood him or he's just too polite to say the true reason of his departure. Anyway, this is a tragedy for the company but this time and this time's not Fadeev's fault(actually, it's no one's fault) I'm going to miss him so badly, I felt awkward telling him where to hang out in München I'm sure his come back performances are going to be quite an event.. He leaves at the end of august so, good luck Volodya. the only good outcome out of this is that two soloist must be promoted, so ....Yermakov and Novikova might (should) be promoted principal, if they aren't promoted then they should leave.
  13. I apologise in advance for what is going to be an overly emotional post~ [Admin note: This post and thread have been removed. Other discussion forums are not official sources. The rest of this post and subsequent replies have been removed. If there is official news, then it can be posted.]
  14. Today(April 18) the great Vladimir Viktorovich Vasiliev turns 76 years old. May the great Volodya grace us with his presence for many more years❤❤❤ I think there are NO events held in his honor today at the Bolshoi, which is an insult. * * legends deserve tributes when they're still alive but of course that isn't as lucrative as postum and cheesy galas, is it?
  15. Happy 76th Birthday to this genius!!! May the great Volodya grace us with his presence for many more years❤❤❤