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  1. How can you tune in to TV Kultura ?? We cannot get it on satellite in Istanbul, and I have never been able to get the webcast either direct or via VPN. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated !
  2. Behind the Scenes with Alyona Kovalyova, Rising Star at the Bolshoi Ballet http://www.vaganovatoday.com/alyona-kovalyova-bolshoi-ballet
  3. https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/magazine/last-rise-of-the-curtain https://www.dansesaveclaplume.com/en-scene/449164-les-adieux-a-la-scene-humbles-et-emouvants-de-laetitia-pujol/
  4. Yulia Stepanova

    Мы увидим !
  5. Yulia Stepanova

    Had sort of written Stepanova off after seeing her botch the Medora fouttees on two consecutive nights at Malakhov&Friends galas last year. It was also reported that she was not able to execute a perfect fouettee at her Medora debut at the Bolshoy earlier this year. But she does have a following among our senior members and I have been persuaded that Stepanova merits a closer look, as I have not yet seen her in a full classic. I saw Smirnova live three times last season as Nikiya, Aurora and Ode/Odi and have no doubt she is a great dancer. Now, everything going according to plan, I will see both Stepanova and Smirnova as Medora on 18-19 October which will give me the chance to compare and size up Stepanova. Hope to post my takes in due time.
  6. As reported today by the Moscow Times (did not check whether anyone else posted this) : https://themoscowtimes.com/news/controversial-ballet-nureyev-to-premiere-december-59022
  7. "Nureyev" to Premiere in December !

    Admin has deleted the link I had posted for the original TACC news report. Seems this is also off limits !
  8. "Nureyev" to Premiere in December !

    Dear CharlieH : "a lot of waters will flow under this bridge" till December and ticketholders may again be treated to another two performances of Don Kixot let's wait and see. I am hoping to be in Moscow on 22 November for the Ratmansky R&J and will keep my ears open.
  9. Yulia Stepanova

    Forgive my ignorance (no longer tracking London except for Osipova) - where and what did they dance ??
  10. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Dear Helene I was devastated when I missed Masha's last performance as Gamzatti at the Balshoy end of past January and she resigned couple of days later - I had tix but could not make the trip and gave my tix away to friends. It was my dream cast : Zaharova, Alexandrova, Rodkin.
  11. Had written up almost a full page of my impressions at the airport while waiting for my plane back home. It vanished when I tried to submit it when the damn airport wifi suddenly cut in asking for payment. Now the spontaneity is gone, don't feel like writing anything but I will try to put something together. Full casting for Swan Lake matinee of Saturday 16 September : http://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/36/roles/#20170916120000 It seems this matinee was a casting experiment by Vaziev, as no fewer than 6 dancers were debuting in their roles : Kovalyova, Tissi, Soares, Koshkin, Zhiganshina and Marchenkova. First Kovalyova : imho good presence, looks like a young Zaharova. Her solos in both acts went well, except the Odile fouettee when she wobbled a bit at the end and finished one count early, can be perfected (Stepanova is a principal and still cannot do it !). I see great potential here but time will tell whether this is the bright comet we have been expecting or a size- able meteor. She was good as Odette, excepting one point I attach importance to : the realistic surprise, the recoil which should be displayed when Odette sees Siegfried first time, which can take the viewer in and make the rest of the action believable (Aksana Kardash acted this to perfection when I saw her at Stasik couple of months ago). This also can be perfected - the Russians are so superior in developing character dancers. As Odile she was good also but again could benefit from some acting coaching - if Odile is to come out as a scheming seductress. But what am I talking about - this is an 18-year-old last year's Vaganova graduate, if I was expecting to be dazzled that was unrealistic. Let's see what she is up to later in the season, next season. Jacopo Tissi : Vaziev imho certainly has an eye for talent. If Kovalyova is a Zaharova in the making here we have a Bolle in the making ! Currently no Rodkin, Lantratov or Chudin but I again saw great potential. Small wonder Vaziev brought Tissi over from Scala with him. Handsome, elegant dancer, good PdB, good elevation (I was told his lines were not perfect !). Imho good characterisation, has good mime ability. First act solos not impressive, has to do better if he is to match Rodkin and Chudin. I thought the second act solos were better, with well executed tournes-en-l'air. Soares as the Evil Genius was perfect - ready for the showroom. I believe he is a graduate of Moscow Academy, must say he held his own against my default "Zloy Geniy" Belyakov - can appear at any performance anywhere. Koshkin as the Fool was also perfect - Balshoy has so many of them, Tsvirko et al. In these character parts I find the Russians peerless and these parts acted to perfection to me are as important as the lead roles - they add so much to the enjoyment or effectiveness of the performance. Even the Wolf, Cats, Bluebird etc in Sleeping Beauty are in a different league in Russia. Friends of the Prince were Zhiganshina and Denisova - much has been made of them elsewhere on this forum but I will stick my neck out and say I saw nothing extraordinary (maybe due to my ignorance) : good soloist class dancers, Now the Balshoy CdB : they are also in a league unto themselves ! I will probably be roundly condemned and tagged as ignorant and of poor taste but ........ I find the Balshoy CdB better than the Mariinsky . So well rehearsed, a whisker away from absolute perfection in every way. Even those changes of formation in Swan Lake and Bayaderka which last only a few seconds are pure bliss which linger in my memory long after the curtain has fallen.
  12. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Stepanova's fouettée at time 1:11 in this gala video is quite acceptable in my view, but she cannot be relied on for perfect execution each and every time https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1451&v=BQiIA3Hyqfc
  13. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Dear Naomi I saw Sevenard live as Paxita last June at Mariinka during the Vaganova graduation show. Imho damn good dancer technically but does not have the "allure" of Kovalyova and can never have, it's a gift of God. I could maybe liken Sevenard vs Kovalyova to Alexandrova vs Zaharova. Alexandrova was my default Gamzatti - not even knowing her name at the time I was simply stunned by her performance when Mezzo livecast the current production of Bayaderka from Bolshoy in 2012 or 13. But she does not have the allure of Zaharova "who can simply go out on the stage, just stand there and not move at all and still create incredible beauty" in the words of Vaziyev. PS - between you and me : my friends in Moscow used to and still tease me regarding my sympathy for Alexandrova, saying I have betrayed my affinity towards "strongly built women" ! Hope I won't get reported and censored for these harmless quips !
  14. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Polina at the 2009 Zurich Spoerli staging : any resemblance would you say ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU0DPmcjvYc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBk8XzVGfWo The more I watch the clips being posted on YT the more I am thinking Kovalyova and Tissi put up a very acceptable performance regardless of it being their debuts. Matters of aesthetics are quite personal and I have total respect for your view - I have yet to arrive at a final appraisal. One cannot, at least I cannot capture everything as the live performance flashes past : saw Vishnova as Giselle (with Ganio) live at Mariinka last year and could not really connect, probably because I was infatuated with Vishnova as Juliet for a long time (her performance made me dump opera for Russian classical ballet). Earlier this month Mezzo Live HD telecast the very same performance I saw and I recorded it, watched it three times so far. Woken up to what a great, possibly incomparable portrayal Diana made of Giselle - now she is my joint No. 1 Giselle, tied with Cojocaru. For me it does take some time to fully digest and appreciate a performance or portrayal.
  15. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Watching all these clips a couple of times now I wonder why I wasn't too impresssed by Alyona on Saturday, should have been. As a late starting amateur can't even dream of evaluating or even noticing the subtleties of technique, but this aside she looks fine and could very well become Zaharova-2 ! Same for Tissi, surely will take over Bolle's mantle, and to my eye seems to have better mime and characterisation than Bolle.
  16. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Imho she projected well, had very good stage presence. Will see whether any of my Russian ballet friends can find the adagio. One of the reasons why I did not rush out after the performance bellowing "Eureka - it is a star" may be that Swan Lake is not my favourite ballet as drama. Have never been affected by Swan Lake the way R&J, Giselle or Bayadere touches me. Last year I saw two casts of Swan Lake at Bolshoy London tour, Smirnova/ Chudin and Zaharova/Rodkin, and did my homework before flying over by watching 9 different productions of various houses on dvd looking at characterisation : did not change my feeling for Swan Lake. The British critics could not praise Smirnova enough but I thought Zaharova was the better of the two - seems I just don't connect well with this work.
  17. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    I found a couple of others, hopefully members will comment on whether they see a Zaharova Jr. and a Bolle Jr. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIkGnsxPjP4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip8ElPVBtX0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl21LclkaHw
  18. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    I could not say to myself, however much I hoped for and wished it, "YES - a star is born and I was one of those who predicted it !" Will keep tracking and hopefully seeing - the problem is that it's very hard to track specific dancers at the Bolshoy : online booking opens 3 months before performance and casting is posted only 2 max 3 weeks before, by which time it's long sold out. I was able to see Kovalyova by being tipped off by an insider before casting was posted - the show was sold out months before (Swan Lake Saturday matinee !) but someone I knew was able to help find a seat.
  19. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    I would hate to alienate Stepanova admirers but on the three occasions I saw her last year it was"all over the map" in your terms, and if I remember correctly same at her Medora debut at Bolshoy this year. Seems she somehow cannot get the timing right and lands couple of counts early. I believe members who have written that on the occa- sions they saw Stepanova perform fouettees she executed it perfectly, a dancer can have his/her off days.
  20. In view of the striking similarity between my impressions of the dancers and company and those of Ms. Cappelle I posted both here on the suggestion of one of our members. My report was posted earlier than Ms. Cappelle's tweets ! Am sure she will write a full review, hopefully for FT which I cannot miss. https://twitter.com/bellafigural/status/909404624725127168 https://twitter.com/bellafigural/status/909406367487873024 https://twitter.com/bellafigural/status/909406717745811459 https://twitter.com/bellafigural/status/909408017422192641
  21. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Dear Buddy : Laura Cappelle of FT also has seen this performance and posted her comments on Twitter and funnily enough we could have copied from each other - I think I posted earlier than her ! I have asked my Russian friends to trawl for any reviews from local critics and was told some could appear tomorrow. I think Alyona handled her debut rather well - my hope and wish to discover a fully-fledged star -Zaharova Jr.- who would hit the ground running was a bit far fetched for starters. Will try to get some insider feedback if I can, and wait for what Vaziev will cast her for next. Would like to see her in something a bit more dramatic than S.L., say Bayaderka.
  22. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Please do so - I don't follow Twitter or Instagram, have been looking for videos on YT but could not find any. My Russian friends are looking for any reviews from Russian critics which I will post, if any. Please at least post link/s to the Instagram video/s !
  23. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Kovalyova got big enthusiastic applause during and after the performance. It was a good enought performance, regardless of the fact that this was her debut in a top-profile role at 18. Magnetic stage personalities come around once in a blue moon and it may turn out that K is not one, one has to wait and watch. Wonder what Osipova was like at 18.