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  1. According to her website calendar Svetlana Zaharova is to dance all 6 Anna Kareninas scheduled from March 23rd to 28th !! Methinks either there is some slip-up by her web team or she will apply for a Guinness Book of Records certificate. MadameP is on location and could possibly check this.
  2. Zaharova To Dance All Anna Kareninas in March ???

    I was/am referring to Zaharova's own website calendar, not Bolshoy's - at this moment still showing what I wrote above : http://www.svetlana-zakharova.com/calendar/
  3. DUTCH NATIONAL BALLET Season 2018 | 2019 GALA Surprise program, opening of the season sat. 8 September 2018 – Dutch National Opera & Ballet NEW CLASSICS Dances at a Gathering (Dutch première) choreography: Jerome Robbins music: Frédéric Chopin Serenade after Plato’s Symposium (European première) choreography: Alexei Ratmansky music: Leonard Bernstein Chroma choreography: Wayne McGregor music: Joby Talbot, Jack White III tue. 11 until tue. 25 September 2018 – Dutch National Opera & Ballet LA DAME AUX CAMELIAS choreography and staging: John Neumeier music: Frédéric Chopin sat. 13 October until sun. 4 November 2018 – Dutch National Opera & Ballet GISELLE choreography: Marius Petipa, after Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot production and additional choreography: Rachel Beaujean and Ricardo Bustamante music: Adolphe Adam tue. 6 until sat. 24 November 2018 – Dutch tour wed. 10 until thu. 19 April 2019 – Dutch tour CINDERELLA choreography: Christopher Wheeldon music: Sergej Prokofjev thu. 13 December 2018 until tue. 1 Januari 2019 – Dutch National Opera & Ballet REQUIEM choreography: David Dawson Requiem (world premiere) music: Gavin Bryars Citizen Nowhere music: Szymon Brzóska sat. 9 February until fri. 1 March 2019 – Dutch National Opera & Ballet ODE TO THE MASTER choreography: Hans van Manen 5 Tango’s music: Astor Piazzolla Symphonieën der Nederlanden music: Louis Andriessen Sarcasmen music: Sergej Prokofjev On the Move music: Sergej Prokofjev tue. 12 until sun. 20 February 2019 – Dutch National Opera & Ballet SWAN LAKE choreography: Rudi van Dantzig, after Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov choreography caractère-dances third act: Toer van Schayk music: Pjotr Iljitsj Tsjaikovski sat. 16 March until sun. 2 June 2019 – Dutch National Opera & Ballet VAN MANEN, FORSYTHE, ARQUES Kleines Requiem (premiere for Dutch National Ballet) choreography: Hans van Manen music: Henryk Mikolaj Górecki Pas/Parts (European première of the revival) choreography: William Forsythe music: Thom Willems Ignite (Dutch première) choreography: Juanjo Arqués music: Kate Whitley fri. 14 until sun. 30 June 2019 – Dutch National Opera & Ballet NEW MOVES Dancers create choreographies fri. 3 July 2019 – Dutch National Opera & Ballet
  4. Sigh ..... sadly no - will be in Piter the week before and have to give this rarity a miss
  5. https://www.ilona-landgraf.com/2018/02/the-art-of-storytelling/ Sorry if admin has already posted this elsewhere, wanted to make sure. This year is certainly the "Don Q" year with a plethora of stagings all over Europe. Rome Opera Ballet has staged it, it's on in Amsterdam, I am going to see two shows in one day at Helsinki in March, La Scala Ballet will stage it in July, it's on at the Bolshoy and Mariinka and God knows where else. If I were forced to choose one ballet only this would be it : wonderful ballet music with unforgettable tunes, excellent choreo, sequences for virtuoso technique display for who has it, chance to display dazzling scenery and costumes for companies with the budget, you name it. My eyes almost popped out the first time I saw it at the Bolshoy : when the curtain opened almost the whole company of 250 was on stage - goodness me !
  6. Hear hear : Masha Alexandrova will dance Kitri at Mariinka on Sat March 17th (with Lantratov) : https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/2018/3/17/1_1900
  7. Casting and production info : https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/2018/1/28/1_1300 Thanks to Mariinsky posting ballet scheduling in hotchpotch fashion and single daily flight by TK out of Istanbul I ended up with tickets for both the mat and eve performances on this date. Matinee was Shakirova's Shurale debut as Syuimbike so rather unmissable - excellent Tatar dancer in a Tatar fairy tale. After seeing the original version of Spartak at Mariinsky a couple of years ago I wanted to learn a bit more about Yakabson (continued below>)
  8. I will tell you why you were led astray, as I was to some extent : Mariinka posted only the matinee for Sunday 28th Jan with no evening performance, and I got tix for the matinee thinking there would be no evening performance. They posted the evening performance 3-4 days later . This is the state of affairs at M currently - with just three weeks to go there is no program posted for the gala on 11th March !
  9. I have not been backstage ! I borrowed this picture from the Russian ballet forum, maybe I should have credited them. Will consult admin on policy regarding this issue.
  10. Had generated much interest as this was going to be Natasha's debut as Mehmene Banu, some thoughts. I had previously seen Legenda twice at Bolshoy, with Allash (repl. Zaharova)-Nikulina-Rodkin and Krysanova-Vinogradova-Tsvirko, and yesterday was my third albeit at Mariinka. This is also Grigarovich but the staging is not 100 % the same as Bolshoy's, the finale I thought was slightly different. Shirin was Osmolkina, Ferkhad Shklyarov and the Vizier Zverev. This ballet could be Grigarovich's "chef-d'oeuvre" - I don't know whether he has any other original work of equal stature. The choreo of some ensemble scenes I find strikingly similar to "Spartak" but this is not original Grig. - Yakabson got there first. Overall I would say this is a must-see at least once for any "avid ballet-goer" - the innovative choreo (PdB, use of hands), the music alternating between the symphonic and subtle evocative Oriental melodies, the use of 9/8 "belly dance" rhythm in Act 2 all this would be worth seeing and hearing for the first-timer imho. Possibly due to my ignorance and lack of appreciation for the "subtle" I am at a loss as to the reason why every "Prima Assoluta" be it Zaharova, Krysanova or Osipova goes for Mehmene Banu - an issue of rank ?? Last night I and my friend could not help wondering why Natasha did not do Shirin - she would have made an incredible Shirin and would have used her God-given gifts of expression and characterisation to their fullest. As Banu she was excellent as expected re technique but if I may say so had a dark brooding facial expression for most of the performance - the fact that she is veiled for most of this time does not help either. Sorry - have to check out and go to the airport, will finish my report once there.
  11. Backstage News : Yekaterina Osmolkina who danced Shirin past Friday was originally cast with Kimin Kim as Ferkhad for Thursday eve only. Yelena Yevseyeva was cast with Shklyarov for Friday but was "indisposed" a short while before curtain up on Friday so Osmolkina had to step in without any rehearsal with Shklyarov. To my amateur eye no slip-up was visible so "Brava" from me to Osmolkina ! Now hear this : a gift package sent by someone was delivered to Osipova's dressing room, with a letter attached. The letter purportedly expressed the great admiration of the sender for Natasha and said he would like her to dance only for him at his palace ....... signed "Seyd Pasha" !! Oh Boy .... laughed till tears ran down my face when my friend texted this last evening. Wouldn't I love to have seen Osipova's face when she read this ..... Dear God ! Just wait till our "Some ballets should be banned" lobby hears this, oh boy PS : discussion on "balletfriends.ru" (major Russian forum) indicates quite a number of members share my take on Natasha's portrayal of Mehmene Banu, saying her characterisation didn't hit the mark and Banu will not be one of her signature roles. Link for our Russian speakers : http://forum.balletfriends.ru/viewtopic.php?t=8520&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=630 (backstage photo from balletfriends.ru)
  12. The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Dear Volcanohunter in all my business life when some things just didn't add up I always suspected, rather knew, that there was some hanky-panky involved . I presume you know how babushkas start queueing up at 6 am Saturday mornings (box office opens at 11 am) to get numbers for advance tix sales for say SL or SB performance three months ahead. Bolshoy security is around, but on one occasion which made it into the news last year (could be 2016) a black minivan drove up just before the box office opened, a number of scalpers got out and walked right in past the babushkas in full view of Bolshoy security and bought quite a number of tickets ! Urin himself said in a news conference that the only thing they were able to do to fight scalpers was to put up the ticket prices - this way at least the revenue would accrue to the theatre which would otherwise line the pockets scalpers (only ??). Best seats which cost R15K are expensive by London standards let alone Moscow, but when casting is posted well after the house is sold out one has to fork out R35K to R45K for Zaharova, serious money. So the management probably is turning a blind eye to some goings on so as not to earn the enmity of those outside and inside the house ...... acid is cheap
  13. Agree, I have the feeling this should be seen at the Bolshoy, the changes made at Mariinka and "tightness" of the CdB don't resonate. My friend had exactly the same take, said Osipova did not look "Regal" enough - will look up what she posted on No Fixed Points but am sure it will be in Russian only. Fully agree that Osipova had great stage presence, as always, but "we" were not too sure regarding expression last night.
  14. Music : between Spartak, Shurale and Legenda imho the last one is the composition of "higher quality" : quite a number of beautiful memorable sequences. As you may well know Legenda was a collaboration between the renowned Turkish poet and playwright Nazim Hikmet, Azeri composer Arif Melikov and Russian (?) choreographer Yuriy Grigarovich. Hikmet wrote the play, after the (Persian?) folk tale Farkhad wa Shireen, when he was in the clapper at Bursa for being a member of the banned clandestine Turkish Communist Party. One of these three later famously said this was a prime example of "internationalism"
  15. Would love to read what Russian critics have written, think this would be well covered. Will try to get Ismene Brown interested in translating some Russian reviews, as resume at least. Would really like to know if any of them have the same take.
  16. On board with mobile in hand : imho this will not prove to be a signature role for Osipova, the way Kitri, Giselle and Silfida or Lise is. I thought her expression was rather one dimensional, and at discussion after it ended when my friend (was covering it for No Fixed Points) expressed the same opinion I told her I thought she hit the nail on the head. It has been some time but I feel Allash and Krysanova had better characterisation. Osmolkina and Shklyarov were good in their roles, Zverev one notch up. Again if my memory doesn't fail me the Balshoy CdB was sharper than what I saw last night, but again "I might be witness to what I would like to think" !
  17. This was staged on 30 and 31 October 2015 at the Scala for the closing of Milan Expo, and was livecast on Rai5 at the time and later released on dvd/br. Could not determine whether anyone has posted it before, do excuse me if it has been. This imho is well worth a view or two : Ivan Vasiliev with Nicoletta Manni, Lucia Lacarra and quite a few others will linger on in your memory - I still remember the ones I just named and was so sorry that I didn't know this was coming up, maybe I could have seen it on location. Anyway, Gramilano had posted the programme at the time and the programme and YT video links are below for your perusal - give it a view ! https://www.gramilano.com/2015/10/full-programme-of-la-scalas-gala-des-etoiles-30-and-31-october/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjIPKvkiYfQ
  18. Dear Buddy : I queried my contacts in Piter when I was there for Shurale and was told the Vaganova event on or about March 13th is a conference not a ballet gala.
  19. Between you and me they are hoping to put on the short ballet "Seasons" for Sat 10th March eve. Am hoping to be in Spb tomorrow for Osipova Legenda and will try to extract some info re the 11th gala program.
  20. The first three performances were danced by Salenko-Hernandez and Rai5 telecast the premiere. I found a video of Amore Rebecca Bianchi from Rome Ballet's current Nutcracker which is below but I could not find any video for QoD Arianna Tiberi who I was quite impressed with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBCNrLOp6kY
  21. The premiere of the new Rome Opera Ballet Don Q was livecast on Italian cultural channel Rai5 on 15th November which we had missed. I finally caught and recorded one of the repeats yesterday and would like to post some info in case it may be of interest - some photos and the trailer to follow below. This new production is a French concoction : Eleonora Abbagnato ballet director, Laurent Hilaire choreographer and Patricia Ruanne assistant to LH, all ex-POB. This staging is said to be inspired by Baryshnikov's staging for ABT which followed the classic Petipa-Gorsky staging. The previous staging of Don Q at Rome was by Mixail Messerer for the 2012-13 season. I had seen the Baryshnikov staging for ABT a couple of times on dvd but could not remember whether the sequence of the music was slightly rehashed, will have to refresh. Also could not remember whether it had pirates transplanted from Corsaire, but clearly remember it had no Commedia dell'Arte characters as in this one - adds local colour I suppose. When the curtain opened the scenery turned me off and I was about to zap to another channel when I remembered that the Italian government had slashed funding for the arts. The opening cast of this new staging was Yana Salenko (Berlin) and Isaac Hernandez (ENB). If you are not looking for Natasha jumps and Zaharova extensions Yana is a good solid dancer, and quite radiant when partnered by more accomplished dancers than her husband (imho) and was quite acceptable as Kitri. Now Isaac Hernandez I had not seen at all before and thought he was excellent - would not look out of place at the Bolshoy - his cabrioles, tournes excellent, timing impeccable. The CdB in my view is so-so, not very impressive if one is used to seeing the Bolshoy. However, two other dancers whose name I never ever heard also would not look out of place at the Bolshoy : Arianna Tiberi as the Queen of Dryads, and Rebecca Bianchi as Amore. Anyway, have a look at the trailer and photos :
  22. Beware of "ballerina" Dominika Egorova !! WARNING : trailer at link below is not for the faint-hearted : has horrific violence and sex scenes !! (where I come from we love it ...... ) http://m.imdb.com/title/tt2873282/
  23. More pix at gallery at theatre's production info : https://www.operaroma.it/en/shows/don-chisciotte/
  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dq2ZIe5ias Mostly dialogue in French, with occasional opera and ballet sequences (ballet at 43:30). Trailer of (imho awful) Nutcracker at 1:53:45
  25. Yes it is - Ulitsa Glinki 3-5 : look across Dekabristov street for restaurant Teatro on the corner of Glinki and Magnolia should be in that street on the left. Correct, MadameP ??