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  1. When I got tix for this 3+ months ago I thought I would be seeing something Ratmansky created new specially for the Bolshoy. Being a newcomer to classical ballet I did not know this production had premiered in Canada in 2011 - if I had known I most likely would have given it the thumbs down. I am dead against the great classics being "updated" or "reinterpreted" to start with, and something created for another company which surely doesn't have the human and financial resources of the Bolshoy being transferred to the Bolshoy ???? That said, ex post facto I am so glad that I got tix and made the day trip - not because this "reinterpretation" is imho something unmissable, but because due to this I discovered what a GREAT artist Katya Krysanova is. She surprised me beyond anything I expected, though I have great respect for her art. Juliet is imv a very special role, requires great characterisation : I fell in love with Russian classical ballet after seeing Vishnyova and Shklyarov live just once, and dropped my decades long quest for opera. Before last night I had seen Katya live five times at the Bolshoy, twice as Kitri, once as Mehmene Banu and twice at galas. Her performance last night means I will be actively tracking her scheduling, imho she was great, great, GREAT. Now, Ratmansky's R&J tracks the Prokofiev-Lavrovsky original we all know, another me-too product. I am not well qualified to review choreo or execution but will write what I think regardless, our learned members can fill in any gaps. I found the ensemble scenes in Acts 1 and 2 rather meaningless, uncoupled from the story and not very imaginative. Am not sure but I thought the music of Act 1 was cut in some places (performance lasted 3 hours sharp wit two intervals). The moment Katya appeared I immediately sensed that I was in for a big surprise - last week we were talking about how a great artist can capture you in 10 seconds and imho Katya is in this class, excellent execution, characterisation, oozing self-confidence which makes one think she would never put a foot wrong, and she doesn't !! Lantratov was good as Romeo but not great for me : Shklyarov is my default Romeo, Ovcharenko coming second. Tsvirko as Mercutio was excellent, got big applause at the curtain calls. Some plus and minus points : the balcony scene starts with Romeo dancing solo with Juliet looking down from her window above, in a replication of "Juliet's Balcony" (!) in Verona and I found this imaginative : Juliet is supposed to be a 15-year-old teenager and it would take some enticement to make her come down, then on the pdd is good but so is the original and Macmillan's. On the other hand, the priest joining the dance in the second act PdT I found quite in poor taste and a real spoiler - the originator/s had better taste surely. But the real letdown and spoiler is the finale : it's as if in 2011 someone told Aleksey : "end it quickly otherwise we will go into overtime !" . This ending will not make anyone cry, but Lavrovsky's can and does ..... how do I know - takes one to know one. Lavrovsky's ending for me is the definitive version, requiring great characterisation and technique. Here it ends in crash-bang fashion, no famous overhead lift, no choreo, no nothing. Judging by the number of camera crews in the hall before the performance started the glitterati and politicos of Maskva must have been well represented. The New Stage where this R&J was staged is so nice : much smaller than the Historic Stage but excellent comfortable seating and excellent sightline wherever one is seated. Excellent interval finger food and drinks : can't imagine going to opera or ballet without this . Will post this now and add anything else which comes to my mind later as PS. A photo : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DPQzuapXcAo-Of3.jpg:large PS : what an injury or other mishap-prone staging ! Daily casting has again changed for the remaining performances, with Katya and Vlad dropping out. Tomorrow Genya will dance as originally cast but with Belyakov. Lantratov is said to be injured. Current casting : https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/4008/roles/#20171123190000
  2. Just one week to go and still no casting posted. Stash, Katya and Genya have posted their rehearsal photos. Am due to see the premiere next Wed 22nd, cannot visualise anyone other than Genya as Juliet. Don't know this Ratmansky staging at all - hope it will be better than the current Grigarovich staging which imho has made hash of a beautiful ballet.
  3. Krysanova - Lantratov To Open Romeo & Juliet !

    Have not seen her as Juliet, but imho she is the only one among the Bolshoy primas who "looks the part". Have no chance to see Genya on this run, am hoping Krysanova will surprise me somehow
  4. https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/4008/roles/#20171122190000 Firm casting has finally been posted by Bolshoy, less than 24 hours before the premiere tomorrow. Am happy that I will see Katya and Vlad, was hoping to see Genya Obr. as Juliet but she gets to dance only the final performance on 26th Nov, surely due to her partner dropping out at the last moment. Hope to write a few words soon after the show.
  5. Vaganova 2016 graduate taken up by Balshoy (aka Bolshoi), being given small solo roles by Vaziev. I have found some videos on YT, links posted below. She was selected for Prix de Lausanne 2016 but did not make it to the finals, strange. This junior member sees some potential here and likens her to a current top Balshoy prima at the time of her Vaganova graduation ..... but will not say to whom so as not to invite ridicule ! Would like to hear the views of our learned membership. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJgn8eakQ9s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0N0jukp0Ro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4nUaZqkBso https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LO9gDuJj5-k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq8D4aY4SwA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2sJgf_ltpI
  6. Ratmansky R&J Coming Up - Casting a Mystery !

    Obviously some things are/were not going well : one day to go and still no casting posted for the premiere !
  7. Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    Online ticketing works fine most of the time but one has to buy blind three months ahead. Sometimes the English version ignores the seats I have selected and I have to switch to Russian to be able to complete the purchase. Can't tell whether this is intentional to give locals preference over gringos ! I spend most of my Saturday afternoons at home at my laptop waiting for online ticketing to start at 5:30 pm (we are on same time as Moscow).
  8. Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    Buddy I missed this completely, was unaware, otherwise I probably would have gone. Seeing her as Myrtha would have been a great opportunity to judge her characterisation. As I keep mentioning the big problem at the Balshoy is that they post casting very late by which time the show is sold out, but if something is a must-see for someone tix can be found. Next time you spot Alyona cast for something please do send me a reminder.
  9. Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    So do I Buddy - as you know I saw her Swan Lake debut but would like to see Alyona in some other Petipa classics. Would like to sense whether she has the potential to join the league of ballerinas like Zaharova, Alexandrova or Krysanova who ooze self-confidence and command the stage the moment they step out.
  10. Ratmansky R&J Coming Up - Casting a Mystery !

    Thank you for the heads up, here is the overall casting : https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/4008/roles/#all MadameP poured cold water on my hope that I might see Genya Obr. at the premiere by posting above she will be dancing on the 24th. Between Katya Kry. and Nastya Stash. I would rather see Katya, will know soon enough.
  11. Ratmansky R&J Coming Up - Casting a Mystery !

    Seems once again I will have distinguished company at the premiere. Last time at the Kovalyova Swan Lake debut our takes were almost identical, must beat her to the clock
  12. Ratmansky R&J Coming Up - Casting a Mystery !

    Thank you so much ! Think I can live with this - really didn't know what to expect. Hope we will get dancers with great characterisation on the night.
  13. Ratmansky R&J Coming Up - Casting a Mystery !

    Sorry : Stashkevich, Krysanova, Obraztsova
  14. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    That's true but I reported what a diehard Stipanova fan mailed me after that performance. I fully support admin policy that hearsay should not be posted and will take care going forward. And to make up for my indiscretion I will now try to get the video from a source and come back to this issue after I have seen it.
  15. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    Have you seen Belyakov as the "Evil Genius" ?? If you haven't you probably would find it hard to believe it was the same person if you somehow missed the casting for role.
  16. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    Re Nureyev you do have a point. Medora debut of Stipanova at Balshoy was earlier this year, in April I think.
  17. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    Fouetté was fine at this performance, no issue here.
  18. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    Corsaire not being my top ballet, I would still dearly like to see Zaharova and Krysanova consecutively as Medora some day, hopefully on same day at matinee and evening, which is possible once in a blue moon at the Balshoy when the stars match up. I am not too analytical re technique, for me the "drama", the cha- racterisation is most important : whether the dancer is the character or trying to pass him/herself as the character. Last week Stipanova did not make me feel she was Medora, was too hesitant, but Krysanova did. Technique wise Zaharova is my most beloved dancer but she is not my top eg Giselle in Russia. All this is quite subjective and personal anyway - as I tried to reason in an earlier post we all maybe seeing what we want or would like to see.
  19. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    (Between you and me, so as not to enrage our Stipanova fans) She also couldn't do the fouetté properly at her Medora debut at the Balshoy this year ! And much as I admire Smirnova I can't visualise her as Kitri, somehow doesn't fit.
  20. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    I personally am still hoping it will get the axe when the date approaches. I would like to see state-funded Balshoy preserve and carry on the classics to the next generation, not put on "contemporary" rubbish loads of which are available in London and Paris. I don't hear Strapless being talked about in Moscow and hope Nureyev will go the same way. No problem if "brilliant ideas" like Nureyev are staged in experimental or avant-garde theatre !
  21. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    If you mean in the West, then you're probably right . No such issues is Russia ..... I love it there !
  22. Casting info for the Wed 18 October performance : http://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/198/roles/#20171018190000 Have decided to post my report after the second performance tonight : http://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/198/roles/#20171019190000 I somehow did not click with the first performance, this was the first time I saw Stepanova live in a full Petipa classic. Good physique, fouetté was fine this time ..... I do not want to draw the ire and fire of Yulya's admirers before saying out loud what I thought - want to see Krysanova first to pick my brain a bit. In general I did not connect with last night's performance. Just want to say this now : in law, criminology, it is a well-established fact that witnesses to a traumatic event like a murder or accident often give quite different accounts of what they witnessed - we are all affected by our subconscious.
  23. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    I do respect your view but we will probably agree to disagree for ever . After all, isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder ?? Anyway I have to see more of Stipanova to be able to have a firm opinion.
  24. Bolshoi's Corsaire...and where's "Ali"...?

    Yesterday at the second interval of the livecast Corsaire Novikova was speaking with (I presume) Zaytseva (decor&costume) and she spoke at length about how carefully they researched for costume design and to create the bazaar scene in the first act as truthfully as possible not only designed on ethnic lines ie Greek, Turkish, Albanian etc but also tried to reproduce the different dress styles of the different Greek islands - I was quite impresssed. Re Corsaire : also not my favourite ballet, but want to see it once more at Mariinsky this season, to refresh my memory of their presentation of the Jardin Animé which is different from Ratmansky's. And imho the version with Ali works for this ballet, although normally I am dead against classics being tampered with. I think this role enhances and rounds off the "story".
  25. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    Last year on one day at the Balshoy I saw Krysanova at the matinee and Zaharova in the evening as Kitri. Although normally I can't get enough of Zaharova for this role I had to give the decision to Katyusha.