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  1. Here is Tsiskaridze's interview at Prix de Lausanne 2016 - he talks about how he started teaching ballet (from 19:00 >) if anyone is interested in hearing it :
  2. Imho Tsiskaridze has more "substance" than most people give him credit for. When he was appointed as rector of Vaganova I thought it was due to his connections only, and was quite upset when our beloved Asylmuratova left, but found out later that while dancing at the Balshoy he was also teaching at ballet schools in Moscow and beyond. I watched his webcast interview at Prix de Lausanne last year and thought here is someone who knows what he is talking about. I will try to find and post that interview - in the meantime here is the recent RT docu featuring him and Shakirova :
  3. Have never seen Novikova live yet, and neither Aksana Skorik who I am tracking. Had tix for Legend of Love on 28th Feb with both Novikova and Skorik cast, was in Moscow couple of days before to see Ivan the Terrible at the Balshoy but had to return home from Moscow ..... so frustrating. And once again will not be able to go to the Mariinsky ballet festival week, will be holed up at a trade show in Frankfurt doing PR and chatting up our principals .......
  4. That makes quite a few of us then thinking we have witnessed Рождается звезда ..... birth of a star !
  5. Many thanks dear Buddy ! I am four months into a Russian language course and I passed my second stage exam and will start the third stage next week, at the end of which (2 months) it is said I will be able to speak extremely basic Russian when I fly over to see ballet. God knows it's quite hard at my ripe old age with a porous brain ! Now : I have seriously taken up Russian classical ballet since this time 3 years ago, and am trying to catch up by seeing as many classics as I can in Moscow and Peterburg. You cannot imagine how elated such a person can be and what a boost it gives his self-confidence when he thinks he has discovered something and posts it and it gains the acceptance of senior membership. First time I saw Kovalyova on the videos I posted I immediately thought of the young Zaharova but did not dare say so until you seconded my thought. Thanks to everyone who participated and best wishes.
  6. Some reviews of "PROJECT POLUNIN" currently at Sadler's Wells London :
  8. Seems this series is continuing with the 7th episode posted under RT link above !
  9. Seems the series is continuing - noticed a 7th episode has been posted at RT link above !!
  10. While on the subject : "e" and "yo" (e with two dots) both exist in Cyrillic and are separate sounds. Westerners know her as Diana "Vishneva" but in Russia she is "Vishnyova" Свет = Light "Светлый Ручей" = Bright Stream (excuse my showing off - just passed my second stage exam this evening )
  11. Dear MadameP just discovered a very recently aired 6-part ballet docu by RT channel, featuring among others Shakirova (in first episode I think). Also posted this link under docus :
  12. Very recently aired, links to the 6 episodes below on linked page :
  13. A recent interview with Tissi :
  14. "Zvezda" is a metaphor I like to use to denote "top rank" - borrowed it from "Etoile" which POB uses to denote top rank. I am hopeful our members will warm to it in due time. In reference to another post above : POB officially terms their top dancers "Etoile" and the promotion to Etoile is announced on stage after a performance. However, I fully agree with Vaziev that nowadays almost everyone is an "Etoile" at POB and the rank no longer has the "cachet" it once had. Have been an Arop member for many years but I don't go to see ballet in Paris any longer. Having disco- vered what classical ballet can be in Russia anything in London or Paris seems second best. No wonder someone said "POB dancers dance like civil servants" which in fact they are, and you may remember Millepied got into hot water for saying the Paris CdB should do better than look like "flowers on wallpaper" !!
  15. Yes dear Natalia - the video of her Fairy Doll is among what I posted from YT above.