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  1. I am looking very much forward to this ballet, having never seen it. However, I have chosen this year to attend and support the upcoming soloists.... Trenary, Brandt, Teuscher, and so on. I am going to see the Saturday matinee more so to see Trenary than anyone else, and I am staying over to see her in Whipped Cream Tuesday night.
  2. Bingham, you are correct. Davis won the Grand Prix at YAGP then went into ABT Studio Company.
  3. I think that there is a corps member who is quite suited to partner Part... Gray Davis. I understand that she rehearses with him quite often by request, and in fact has performed with him outside of ABT. He was injured a couple of years back and hasn't seemed to gain momentum yet again, but given the chance I think he would more than rise to the occasion.