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  1. https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/woodbridge-selects-long-time-executive-david-binet-as-president/article5817126/?ref=https://www.theglobeandmail.com&service=mobile Profile of David Binet, Chairman of National Ballet of Canada and father of young Robert Binet. He manages $20 billion for Canada's wealthiest family.
  2. The contrasting videos of Nina and Boylston: graphic illustration of what separates a great ballerina from the rest.
  3. Yes - Agree. Balanchine was making Broadway and Hollywood musicals at the same time as Busby. The influence of musicals on Balanchine is pretty significant. And I like that hypothetical image of Balanchine and Rainier.
  4. Odessa premiered at the gala last night. Utterly marvelous. Everything about it.
  5. Balanchine was not afraid to experiment or even to program untried choreographers, dancers who had not choreographed before. He even had Martins choreographing. Balanchine may be the greatest of all choreographers and we are humbled and grateful for his legacy, buy I do believe that includes new programming, new choreography. And some of the ballets in this festival are quite good, even brilliant and add to NYCB's rep. I have also noticed that Peck has a very enthusiastic and YOUNG following. I think you are missing something if you stay away from this festival. I see very little comment in this thread about the actual ballets being performed. As DC Export has suggested, these issues are not unique to NYCB. There are people complaining about the lack of Ashton at the Royal Ballet. There is controversy about the direction of both POB and RDB. The Mariinsky and Bolshoi are going to some length to show and foster new choreography. That said, I too would like to see more, and broader, Balanchine programming. And I am looking forward to next Spring's Robbins festival -- a great choreographer for whom Balanchine made room.
  6. Agree. What a fantastic program. A treat. The four girls in Phlegmatic were AMAZING. And Ask LaCour danced it well. Macgill is totally charming - something that can't be learned. Sara Mearns danced the second movement of Synohony in C like the goddess she can be. Also loved Reichlen in Choleric in the other cast. And let's not forget Ball and Gordon, or the superb partnering of Tyler Angle with Maria. And then there's Peck! And Ashley Isaacs was excellent too. But everywhere there is the choreography. Balanchine. It really does restore the soul.
  7. Thanks anyway though. They do seem to have some "secret" postings from time to time. I will have to control my excitement about those Robbins and Balanchine programs for a while longer.
  8. I can't find this. How do I get to it? Much appreciated.
  9. Yes! Thrilled about the Balanchine casting.
  10. In my limited experience, the flow is interrupted and you may or may not see different casts. But one thing is for certain: you won't see the cast performing that evening (if there is a Giselle that night).
  11. The way to buy single tickets ahead of their going on sale to the general public is to become a member. Single tickets went on sale to members today. This applies to gala tickets as well.
  12. I called the box office on Friday and was shocked at how rude and unhelpful their person was.
  13. Well I was confused because I got on in the middle of the long discussion about a lawsuit (still don't know who was involved) and then it drifted to Misty. Kind of funny, like the Mae West comment.
  14. I just wandered into this topic thinking it was about NYCB social media guidelines.
  15. Quiggin, Thank you very much for this information. Both very interesting points and the first is very sad. Lucky for dance, and for Balanchine, that he left Russia. Probably another thing Ratmansky has in common with Balanchine. Thanks again for your helpful response.