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  1. Or, if you're up to 2 shows on Saturday, Friday April 27-Sunday April 29 is C, D, A, B and Friday May 4-Sunday May 6 is B, C, D, A.
  2. Dawson seems to have been in Seattle this week:
  3. Thanks @PeggyTulle and @pherank! I will be organizing the Meet the Artist, Pointes of View, Ballet 101s etc, alongside longtime adult education coordinator Cecelia Beam, as well as working on a variety of other new projects. Podcasts are high on my list of to-dos, but there likely won't be any changes there until next season--but stay tuned! I have some big ideas for those. And the blog does still exist under "Articles" in the SFB website's "Explore" tab: https://www.sfballet.org/explore/articles-videos. Posts right now are a bit more educational rather than "behind-the-scenes" but there are some dancer blogs from the fall if you scroll back!
  4. Casting for the first two nights is up on the website: March 7: STRAVINSKY VIOLIN CONCERTO Aria I: Sarah Van Patten Aria I: Luke Ingham* Aria II: Yuan Yuan Tan Aria II: Tiit Helimets PRODIGAL SON Son: Joseph Walsh* Siren: Sofiane Sylve* DIAMONDS Principal Cast: Vanessa Zahorian Principal Cast: Carlo Di Lanno March 9: STRAVINSKY VIOLIN CONCERTO Aria I: Sofiane Sylve Aria I: Aaron Robison Aria II: Vanessa Zahorian Aria II: Carlo Di Lanno* PRODIGAL SON Son: Angelo Greco* Siren: Jennifer Stahl DIAMONDS Principal Cast: Maria Kochetkova* Principal Cast: Joseph Walsh* Also, Maria Kotchetkova says this is her only performance of Diamonds: Finally, full disclosure: I recently accepted a role at SFB in Audience Engagement and Education, so will be doing less speculation on this site, but will try to pop in now and then to answer questions as I can! And if anyone has thoughts on SFB's audience education initiatives, please feel free to reach out!
  5. Congratulations to Sasha de Sola who will be a principal effective January 1! I've been waiting for this one for a long time
  6. Ratmansky himself seems to feel like the torch lift has been better this year, writing (publicly on Facebook):
  7. Definitely a clue: a new piece for Gala
  8. For what it's worth, I'd be shocked if Kochetkova is dancing w/ ABT on that tour, as SFB will be in season and that particular rep contains pieces she dances in regularly, so you can probably rule out seeing her
  9. That's a debut for Doris Andre, which is always exciting! Personally, I'd probably go for the Kotchetkova/Walsh casting--the ballet premiered on Masha and Joan Boada and I think she's excellent in the role, plus, I adore Joe Walsh-- but as Helene said, all the casts should be great.
  10. She was there 2.5 years and did Clara twice in Nut. Not that long perhaps, but as long (or longer) than many company members train there.
  11. Interestingly, she was always on a 1-year contract w/ BRB (http://dancetabs.com/2015/06/birmingham-royal-ballet-promotions-leavers-and-starters-june-2015/). She's been dealing with an injury as well: I do wish she'd find a place to settle down and grow as an artist (full disclosure: I used to take open class with her often in the Bay Area and she's a lovely dancer and person). I wonder if the plan is to take this year off and audition in the spring. Similarly, I'm somewhat confused by Juliet Doherty's remaining in AZ and on the competition/Instagram circuit after her successes w/ SFBS and the Stroman "Little Dancer" show and wonder if these girls are really making a decent living outside the confines of a traditional company through sponsorships etc.
  12. Very likely! I just remembered a petite brunette the livestream is archived and available if anyone wants to double-check!
  13. Casting for rep shows will appear on the individual rep's page--if you go to a rep's page and scroll down, you'll see "Casting" on the left. There is not, however, a clear place on the "Tours" page where casting will appear--I wonder if they'll make a change for that at some point. (Personally, I find the new website confusing to navigate, at best). SVP was rehearsing step sisters in the World Ballet Day lifestream, with Lauren Strongin as the mother and (I think) Jahna Frantziskonis as the other sister. Masha was rehearsing the lead.
  14. PNB dancers usually know about promotions several months in advance (this is not true at all companies, but PNB tends to announce internally when contracts are renewed)--it's just a surprise for us audience members I do love that PNB does on-stage announcements though; it's a nice moment of recognition for the dancers and a way for Peter Boal to say a few things about each of them in a public venue.
  15. Congratulations to Angelica Generosa and Matthew Renko on their promotions to soloist and Benjamin Griffiths on his promotion to principal! Excited to see these dancers continue to be featured this year