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  1. No Sarah Van Patten. Bummer!
  2. Ruben Martin has reported on his public Instagram that Aaron Robison is heading to ENB. Additional details in the comments.
  3. There had been some mention about why we haven't seen Carlos Quenedit much this season. He posted this on his public Facebook page back in February: Updating: I hear that people are worried about when I'm coming back to dance, so here is the answer Answer: As you all know I injured myself during nutcracker. I've torn almost 50 percent of the deltoid ligament in my left ankle during the show. It's been already two months and is getting better but unfortunately is not ready yet. The doctors say that, this will probably take another month. I really appreciate that many of you are so worried about me. it's good to know that I'm very present in your lifes. And for those who are wondering when I'm coming back (I don't know yet), And for those who are asking why I'm not back yet, I will personally let you know when I'm ready, don't worry. So, the purpose of this post is let you guys know the reason why I'm not back yet, and that is (because I'm not ready) Many thanks Lee Alex Meyer Lorey has referred to retirement on her public Instagram, including here and here.
  4. This is too bad, both for Lorena and for her fans who showed up to see her "final dance" with SFB.
  5. Anyone see the first round of performances?
  6. Yes, this. I was hoping that these announcements are in conjunction with contract renewals for next year. These tend to be in March, so perhaps there will be more announcements shortly. I feel like in years past, these announcements were kept until the summer. Interesting that they are being made now.
  7. I sort of remember him in something smaller, maybe Concerto Grosso or something at a Gala? It's totally possible, Helene! Whatever the case, he's incredibly talented, and I hope SFB can keep and further his innate gifts.
  8. He joined in 2013; was it him you say, or his brother Isaac (now a lead principal with English National Ballet)? What a talented family!
  9. It's worth noting that Isabella and Jahna's promotions are effective July 2017. I can think of one or two additional female corps members, but not a handful right now. Ellen Hummel would have been the next on my list. Also Lauren Strongin for promotion to principal (seriously, what does that woman have to do to get the nod?). For men, I have my eyes on Esteban Hernandez.
  10. De Sola was married before, but to Josh Reynolds, now with Royal Winnipeg Ballet. She's referred to him in the past, as her husband (and they were once featured on the old SF Blog). But I can't find any reference to her married to Max.
  11. So glad to see WanTing Zhao cast in some leading roles. Anyone seen/seeing her as the Siren?
  12. I didn't realize they were married, just thought they were in a serious relationship!
  13. Interesting casting. There's no * by Stahl's name. When did she perform this role in the past? And congrats on the new job, @apollosmuse! Perhaps you can bring back the SFB blog? I miss the behind-the-scenes posts from the dancers. Those added a personal touch that seemed balanced and lively!
  14. Maybe this is a dicey question, but what is the rhyme/reason to being promoted from soloist to principal? I was thrilled that Sasha got promoted, although right after Nutcracker when she and all of the other soloists were dancing the same lead roles seemed a little odd. Seeing the Elizabeth casting, now I wonder why Lauren Strongin hasn't been promoted. She stepped in for Mathilde in the initial programs, and seems to dance similar "important" roles to Sasha. Any thoughts? Am I missing something re: ballet politics?
  15. I think casting is posted at a minimum 3 days prior to performance date (per union agreement).