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  1. I live in the DMV and frequent the KC. Last fall we came out of 2 shows-Eisenhower and Opera House- and could not hear anything conversational. I don't remember if it was rap or hip hop. I actually got a test and have the hearing of a Doberman on guard patrol. Has the KC cut back on NSO and Opera for other stuff also?
  2. I was wondering why WB didn't have a matinee where I could buy tickets. It was decided to make it free as part of the celebration. As per the KC no tickets for anything but the concert hall shows-those are also free but you wait in line that day. Only things to pay for on Sat the 27th are 6,9 pm Shear Madness and 7:30 WB. Food is not free. WB matinee is first come first served with no assigned seats as of now. 1:30–2:30 p.m. The Washington Ballet Watch dancers prepare in an open ballet class 3:15–4 p.m. The Washington Ballet Frontier, a new ballet inspired by JFK
  3. How long is Odessa? The runtime for the actual dancing for the KC2 seems very short. Do you think they'll add a 4rth short piece? Rodeo costumes look like rugby uniforms and men's/woman gymnastics while the sneaker looks like underarmour.
  4. I saw her perform several times in the eighties including Les Sylphides and Rose Adagio. Ms Gillian Murphy has posted a beautiful video on Instagram of Kolpakova and David Hallberg. Love ABT.
  5. Companies also should sell tickets. The Ballet Dance Across America at the KC was undersold and a fill in was a Peck piece. Tickets also became cheap. A few years ago at the KC NYCB did 2 programs: 1. Serenade, Agon, Symphony in C; 2. Symphonic Dances, Pictures at an Exhibition, This Bitter Earth, Everywhere We Go. Splitting the Balanchine on this Kennedy Center 2017 trip should improve sales.
  6. I've also noticed the shift in programming. I was considering going Monday to see the Abrerra-Gomes but ... I also enjoyed getting early access to the very limited Open Rehearsal tickets-now all have to wait for the sale to the general public. 2013-2014 was a very good year Is it really the same theatre? Bolshoi Ballet - Giselle [ the last G I 've seen had a super cast of Zharkarova, Hallberg, Tsvirko, Allash]; Mariinsky Ballet Swan Lake; ABT mixed bill After Effect, The Dream, Don Quixote; NYCB Jewels and mixed bill; Boston Ballet; Pennsylvania Ballet with Balanchine’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Joffrey Nutcracker; Suzanne Farrell Chaconne and Mozartiana.
  7. My favorites were ABT's Baryshnikov [ Wolf Trap with Tcherkassky], Shlyarov [dress rehearsal with Shapran], and ABT's Cornejo video. Note the variation in costumes from ABT to Mariinsky etc. Having seen the same dancer go full out with and without the Mariinsky costume - headdress and more body suit floral appliques- the ABT costume and the lack of the headdress are my favorites for capturing the essence of the poem. Baryshnikov with ABT : These 3 are not androgynous in the role but to me exemplify the poem. There's a video of Baryshnikov with Fonteyn and again he doesn't come off as androgynous. That Mariinsky run I also saw Kim and Latypov . Kim was androgynous.
  8. Thanks for posting the ticket discount. It's not the political or economic climate in DC but the programming. There are plenty of locals to fill the opera house plus you see random tourists in spring and summer.
  9. I came upon nice interviews with C Stearns and D Teuscher. They appeared at a Ballet festival in Russia.
  10. NEA

    NEA has an OIG-Office of Inspector General and some reports online with partial audit info. Project grants with links to categories and jurisdictions: .
  11. I noticed some dresses that looked like 1970's or 1980's bridesmaid/prom gowns that I didn't like then or now.. Ruth Negga at a Christmas season wedding where the BM's are really ticked at the selection. Then there were some dresses where the cut and volume of fabric actually added poundage by the dozens depending on the height.
  12. NEA

    There have been comments on at least one thread about the NEA and I was surprised at the low amount of money granted by the NEA for major companies, productions, and schools. Have there been changes in NEA grant limits? Policies? On the link I posted to Ballet Theatre Foundation [ABT] some FYs had as much as 1.25m. ABT requested reimbursement of 900k leaving 350k. Grant Number: 85-4621-0006 General Information Grantee: Ballet Theatre Foundation, Inc. Grant Period: 09/01/1985 - 08/31/1988 Grant Amount: $1,250,000
  13. NEA

    I researched the NEA grants by category -FY 2017 approved in 2016 total $51,515,500 [not equal to 60% of 2016 budget shown on the 2015 fact sheet]. Total NEA budget was about 146m. These are grants for projects and only represent a portion of NEA funding which includes grants to states. This fact sheet explains the NEA and use of appropriations: The fact sheet is for FY2015.
  14. Should there be a separate topic for NEA?
  15. The article can be read at
  16. Washington Post article quoting Misty Copeland on Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank:
  17. In the past week I've seen multiple dancers capable of executing 25+ fouettes, in character before/during/after, filling the music, etc. The Kennedy Center is selling a LHBH DVD Plisetskaya and a preview includes her fouettes.
  18. I love the choreography and the performances were brilliant. Some costumes...The minimalist sets and lack of background action leave the Tsar Maiden exposed in a challenging role with a lack of visual distraction [ continuous Balanchinesque movement]. Vaganova epaulment adds another dimension to performances for me. OR-Zyuzin, Kolegeva, Zverev, Tkachenko and Tues/Thurs shows. A Kultur DVD of Plisetskaya/Vasiliev LHBH is for sale in the lobby-online it's a grand production including 31 fouettes /32nd a double or triple. Ratmansky LHBH is a happy production of a favorite childhood fairy tale. Each show had applause throughout and bravos with standing ovations. Some cheers when Ivan pops out of the tank. Awakes the inner child. A review includes excerpts of the Seussian quality to the program libretto as well as descriptors of choreography. The Cat in the Hat echoes in the swarmy Gentleman of the Bedchamber. I wish the Mariinsky's next Kennedy Center visit would be Bronze Horseman, the new Pacquita, Sleeping Beauty, or Balanchine's Midsummers Nights Dream. Fatayev on the Kennedy Center productions:
  19. The Washington Post reviews of Boylston, Teuscher, Copeland: Unfortunately I did not see Boylston-Lendorf except at open rehearsal. Exquisite WS. Lendorf was a strong seductive PR. Kaufman notes the energizing effect [like a great quarterback] O/O has on a performance. Part gave me the impression she had a physical issue effecting suppleness, arms, pliancy. Whiteside had good saves, dynamic trajectory, high tight speed chainnes. Part relaxed into her roles connecting with Whiteside after the fouettes [started late-remained in the plie prep for pirouette, reduced number, secure finish].
  20. We always enjoy Stearns-Seo and Forster. WP review: This run is my first Mackenzie ABT SL. The PR role is brilliant sinister seduction: entrance at top of stairs, interplay bewitching the queen drawing her off the dais, kissing hands, bounds to throne, later leans on wall, and princesses-1 lured towards him specifically, special effects [smoke and explosion] when he leaves and morphs into Lakeside. In white SL sequence of alabesque lifts-arms faster on up and softly down. None gave the impression of beating him with the wings. There's 2 or 3 turns with support where she does an extra movement [not in Mariinsky] with the head and upper body-multiple arches in the same turns-smoothly executed. I love the costumes, Maypole [ending with 2 guys shoulder lifting the prince], sets. I do not miss the jester but wish it ended with a lift as the sun rises after a forced leap of LR. In Mariinsky O/S are still alive and they do the lift from the swan corps double diagonal, move downstage, chase Rothbart. ABT does a lift in the double diagonal formation, go upstage, then along the front swan diagonal after changing to arabesque. A star was born from the moment at open rehearsal when Teuscher entered with PR Lendorf at the top of the stairs and sous soused.
  21. We have tickets for several performances plus open rehearsal. Murphy is out on Thursday and Teuscher is listed. Any guesses on who will do Odette/Siegfried at open rehearsal?
  22. Kolegeva and Kondaurova [magic moments with Korsuntsev] as Raymonda. Kolegeva deserves an extra special Raymonda save award for the KC 2016 Sunday matinee. ABT R&J- Murphy and Whiteside. They brought the magic. Current peeves: casting and cast lists.
  23. Hoped for Shirinkina with Shklyarov- I see online that they now do Spartacus-Phrygia on pointe. Decades ago I saw the Grigorovich pas de deux with Bessmertnova. I wish the KC would have a mixed bill Maryiinsky for some shows like the BAM last year which I did not see. When the Kirov first came to the USA in the eighties they did full length plus mixed bills.
  24. As I noticed in the Bolshoi and ABT clips there are differences in the positions for the lift. The Ratmansky are all with the man facing downstage so her back end and prep are emphasized. Vasiliev was facing the wings and so is Tsiskaridze so his partner is shown to the best advantage. Vorontsova faces front not back to get into the lift and the leg is bent front not in second. Best seen in slow motion from 16:59.