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  1. Alistair Macaulay on the revised Aurora's Wedding. . "...vivid, but its kind of ballet delights without providing any classical revelation. We feel ballet’s bloom here, but not the transcendence of line and form. Perhaps what’s needed, as with so much period-instrument Mozart, is more time to adjust. I’m curious to see where Mr. Ratmansky’s “Aurora”s Wedding” takes us this July. I’m happiest when “The Sleeping Beauty” remains a work in progress..."
  2. Judith Mackrall wrote a bio of Lydia Lopokova- Lilac and Blue Bird in the Diaghilev Sleeping Princess. Lilac is a non-dancing role in Acts 2/3 of the reproduction. Re-orchestration by Stravinsky: , . From the scrapbook p 30 of 237 "...the classic ballet is an exhibition of dancing, but has anybody ever seen an operatic performance in which there appeared nine prima donnas in one evening?" Apparently Lilac skipped the Wedding. The Mariinsky's Lilac is a "prima" role in all acts[music and choreography] and the Rose Adagio lift is high impact.
  3. Some sites I found while researching NBof C 25th Alicia Alonso Festival's youtube channel: , .
  4. The Washington Post's perspective piece on the Kennedy Center including expansion, Kennedy - excellence in all disciplines, Johnson - "basic literacy" with access to all, NEA, etc. Comments are also an interesting read.
  5. My post was referencing how history and events are/were used in theatre and literature. The Turkish scholarly article is very interesting. Of course I know Byron doesn't equal the Corsaire libretto.
  6. Thanks for posting. Debra Austin was one of my favorite dancers in NY and Philly-we all loved her performances. Another great dancer I just posted about was Judy Tyrus.
  7. I think Dance Theatre of Harlem did an expanded Corsaire Pas de Deux staged by Karel Shook. The fantastic Judy Tyrus is archiving the company's work.
  8. Byron did not write Corsaire in a vacuum and it sold 10,000 copies the first day. The Mediterranean/Aegean were dangerous and pirate ballets existed since at least 1826. Galzarani and an 1857 ballet by Guisseppe Rota based on Uncle Tom's Cabin: Galzerani&f=false Corsaire, Bayadere, Raymonda, etc should not be removed from repertory but companies should not have dancers in blackface. [ ] . Balanchine's Don Quixote in 1965 had a publication including essay by Auden, excerpts from the 1605 Miquel De Cervantes Saavedra novel, photos, illustrations [woodcuts by Gustave Dore from the 1869 French edition].
  9. Program A Sun- Appreciated Square Dance, Tarantella, Odessa. Rodeo was, as I expected, athletic teams. Costume budget? The lyrical section needed women [lines extended on point] combined with men. The music carried the work. Program B-Sat. Times Are Racing -ruined NYCB run with vibration, variation in sound/mix, horrendous decibel levels higher than Thurs. The KC had nothing on the website about earplugs and they should have been passed out on entry for free. Surreal that this was NYCB ... "Mr. Peck’s taste in, and response to, contemporary music seem the weakest aspect of his generally formidable talent."
  10. I was at Program B Thursday/Sat. Midsummer tutus in the lobby display case? Rhapsody is wonderful music. The waist height skirt, high neckline, and peblum were not flattering on all dancers. Four Temperments was Balanchine, Hindemuth, Sanguinic- Mearns and Scheller-both with solid partnering. Experience overshadowed by what should have been 5 minutes of throwaway... Times Are Racing -Thurs was fun but too long-again Peck needs an edit button. The metro escalator was making particularly loud electronic noises and sounded like part of the score. Too much was simply static but the later portion had better, more distinctive segments like the hollow percussion. "... matching Dan Deacon’s electronic score with youthful impulse and vigor." Where/why were they exhibiting youthful impulse and vigor? Reviewers seem to enter the realm of politics and angst. What? They congregate to party and all are happy through out. J Peck replaced Ashley Isaacs so I assume he was the large guy [brown underarmour type shirt with dark jeans] in dance offs with Stanley [white tank-teens call a wife beater- with jeans]. Others also wore standard teen clothes: tall guy BBall shirt & athletic shorts, girls cut off jean shorts, JV overhall guy [enjoyed his dancing], Suozzi purple cut off arm t shirt /w/ shorts, etc. What was the costume budget?
  11. What about Egor Geraschenko? Bolshoi?
  12. I see via internet search that la Scala was engaged and oddly not listed but is on the linked pdf update 7-26-16. The full calendar, all genres, all venues has lots of open slots. IDK.
  13. Press release 2016-17 links to a pdf showing the addition of La Scala in late July to it's category International Dance: The full calendar 2017-18 has empty dates. Check ticket sales at venues. Mik? La Scala? You get ABT Nutcracker-the KC has gone regional since any Nut sells and presents an opportunity for companies to perform at the KC that would not produce revenue to justify a booking.