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  1. Hi Everyone- I just moved to South Florida, and I was wondering if people who are familiar with MCB could recommend, if I can only get to one performance of SL, which principal dancer to see in the O/O role. Is the casting made public so that we can book tickets to (try to) see particular dancers? Also, if I only have time to see 2 to 3 performances, which ones would you recommend, and why? General thoughts on favorite dancers appreciated, especially with descriptions of their style and strengths. Looking forward to getting to know MCB. Best, Paris.
  2. Looking at this video of Nureyev and Fonteyn dancing SL in 1966: I haven't seen the choreography from around the 13:30 mark in other productions, or later RB productions, although I'm sure I'm missing something. I find it quite lovely. Around 14:14 through 14:45 especially, there is something about it which strongly evokes for me their first meeting in Act II. Does anyone dance these steps today?
  3. I missed the Boylston/Simkin performance today, so interested to hear feedback on it. I wonder, was it poorly attended? I had offered my ticket up here and found no takers, and ended up donating it via the box office.
  4. Orchestra center row E, today 2pm. Selling at $90 or best offer. Face value is $125.
  5. I went ahead and called the box office and asked them to have the ticket there for pickup under the name "Maya Plisetskaya". The representative I spoke with said, "it will be there waiting for her, sir." Please post here if you pick it up so others don't waste time.
  6. I'm surprised I didn't get any views, let alone interest in this ticket . . . I have to go out later this morning, and when I do, if no-one has picked up the ticket I will have it kept at the box office under "Maya Plisetskaya" on the honor system for $90. If you do pick it up, please post here to let others not to waste their time.
  7. My family are moving from Philadelphia to Miami in a couple of months' time, and I wanted to know about ballet companies I can go to see in Miami. Miami City Ballet is obviously the most prominent, but which other companies should I know about? (I tend to enjoy the full length narrative ballets). And I'd also be interested to learn of individual dancers people are enthusiastic about (very personal I know). I tend to enjoy a more lyrical style. Another question - what is the best way to learn about performances by out-of-state and international companies visiting Miami? If this post belongs in a different section, my apologies, and please feel free to relocate it.
  8. Very upset that I can't make it tomorrow. One ticket to see Boylston & Simkin. Selling at face value $125 or best offer. Reply to this or direct message me.
  9. Thank you for the correction, much appreciated. Do you know if anyone dances Nureyev's version today?
  10. The night Part and Murphy danced, Makarova was in the audience and, lucky me, I scored an autograph. She was very gracious. I was surprised there wasn't more of a fuss around her, and wondered if people were just being polite and giving her space. Would there have been a fuss around Baryshnikov?
  11. Hi all- ABT Sleeping Beauty, June 11th, 7:30pm, Lane & Cornejo. Two tickets in row G, left wing of the orchestra section (stage right), but close to the aisle so good view "Orchestra Prime". I can't make it unfortunately. Selling at face value or will drop price at some point if there is no interest. Reply to this post or direct message me if you are interested. Best, P.
  12. I “discovered” ballet four years ago and have been watching as much as I can ever since. I find that my tastes are fairly conservative – I most enjoy narrative works of the romantic and classical periods. I have listed below the ballets I have become familiar with, and wanted advice on which ones to make a point of seeing sooner rather than later, with my tastes in mind. I put asterisks next to some (yes, conservative) favorites. Thanks for your suggestions. · Afternoon of a Faun · Allegro brilliante · Cinderella · Coppelia · Don Quixote* · Firebird · Giselle* · Jewels · La Bayadere* · La Fille Mal Gardee · La Sylphide · Le Corsaire* · Le Sacre Du Printemps · Les Sylphides / Chopiniana* · Manon · Nutcraker · Onegin · Paquita · Raymonda · Romeo and Juliet · Sleeping Beauty* · Spectre de la Rose · Swan Lake* · Sylvia
  13. RE: the Copeland discussion, I have a question. I have seen several interviews in which she makes fairly pointed comments about being promoted to principal . . . is it unusual for a dancer to push the issue publicly, or is that fairly standard?
  14. So, I have some tickets for the 2014/5 season already, but curious as to others' opinions on dancers to watch in paballet, and performances they'd recommend. And some questions, too: Why don't they publish the casting in advance, before subscriptions are made, so people can choose who they want to (try to) see? Why don't they make more videos of their dancers available? Why don't their dancers have more social media presence?
  15. Marianela is coming to New York! July 2 and 4 guesting with ABT. Is this the first time she's performed in the U.S.?
  16. p.s. a clarification . . . . the list I provided was of ballets I have already seen . . . I am looking for more ballets to see . . . which should I try to see next? Thanks everyone.
  17. Would the site admins consider interfacing the forums with Tapatalk ? It's an app for iOS and Android and it allows me as a user to access all my different forums in one place on my mobile device. Many forums have signed up. I'm not sure of the pros and cons beyond that. Has this been considered?
  18. Hi Everyone- Free ticket, Family Circle A104 for tonight's Swan Lake at ABT. Looks like Cojocaru is being replaced by Seo. The ticket is at the box office, under the name "Jon Snow" (yes, it is a Game of Thrones reference, I didn't want to use any Ballet cliches). I would ask that if you are definitely going to pick the ticket up that you post a reply here so that no-one else wastes their time. I tried a couple of times to reach you by phone "speed 100" but never heard back, and wanted to make sure someone had the chance to enjoy this. -Paris.
  19. I have one ticket to each of these performances. Seat is in the family circle A104 for each performance. May 30: Coppelia June 20: Giselle June 27: Swan Lake If interested, send me a message, I'll organize to have the ticket left at the door for you.
  20. speed100 I called and left a voicemail - the ticket is available. Please call back and let me know if you want to pick it up.
  21. These were uploaded recently (not by me, I just found them yesterday). Thoughts? Anyone see this live? I saw it via video link. BTW I thought Thomas Whitehead was an amazing Hilarion.
  22. Hi everyone, I saw there is an existing thread which begins with step names and then explains them. I have a different problem. I am entirely new to ballet. I began watching ballet DVDs around Christmas when I purchased Baryshnikov's Nutcracker for my four year-old, and together we have now watched scores of performances on DVD and have gone to a few performances together too. I've read a few books, but having never trained in ballet, sometimes the text descriptions don't help me make the connection. The ABT glossary/dictionary site is useful, but incomplete and some of the videos and explanations don't make sense to me yet. All of which is a windup to asking about some steps. Here's my first question: Paloma Herrera in Le Corsaire 1999: at 7:40 she dances a small circle - what is the name of the step? If it's OK with everyone, I will post some more questions with video links on this thread. Best,Paris.
  23. Hi everyone- I am based in Philadelphia, and thinking of flying over to see Marianela Nunez in Giselle on Feb 1 and 5. It's a big deal for me to get time away from three little kids, work, etc. plus the cost of tickets, so I'm wondering if there is anything (public, of course, I don't want to break forum rules) I might need to know before booking tickets and flights which might interfere with seeing her perform. Reply to this or PM both OK and appreciated. Having never been to the ROH before, please advise if it is important to buy tickets before they go on general sale on October 22 - is it worth me paying the "friend" fee to get better tickets? I usually prefer to be in the orchestra area slightly off center, please also share any thoughts about where best to get seats. Best to all, Paris.
  24. At the Metropolitan Opera, if you are seated centrally, in the front rows of the orchestra, the conductor's head obscures center stage - so I prefer to sit at least a few seats off center. Please keep the advice coming.
  25. p.s. I am looking for advice re: flying over to see Marianela dance in February - here is the post: http://balletalert.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/37940-flying-over-to-see-marianela/