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  1. I'm really looking forward to finally seeing W.C. this week! As an aside, I wonder if Murphy will finally be able to get back on stage Thursday. She's still listed on the casting sheet. From her IG account, it looks like she's been in the studio recently.
  2. So, if ABT is consistent with the past few years, we should be hearing about promotions this week. Fingers crossed for a few long overdue ones to be announced. (And, there's usually a surprise or two, at least for me.)
  3. I don't think Part's last IG post means she's retiring. It reads to me as if she's just acknowledging her last SL and her feelings about it.
  4. I agree completely! His photos are beautiful and are captured at the perfect moment. I loved him as Wilfred in Giselle. That can really be a throw-away role, but he brought so much depth to it I was continually drawn to him. He has a great presence on stage and fine technique. Hopefully, he'll continue to grow and get better roles.
  5. I regret not seeing this performance now. If only I knew (not like I would have expected her to announce this ahead of time). ☹️ I saw her SL last year with Whiteside and she was wonderful despite some loss of flexibility. Whiteside bored me to death, though he partnered her well. I just couldn't sit through him again, though others said he was much improved this year. If she's not retiring (gosh I hope not), we'll see even less of her now. She hardly does much as it is. But even if she's just leaving SL, I think it's safe to say she won't be taking on any new roles now or any new partners.
  6. That's exactly what I've been thinking.
  7. You just reminded me that I never received any brochures this year on the Met season. I always get several. Hmmmmm..... I didn't realize Ratmansky was going to tweak or add anything to Aurora's wedding for this program. Is he making permanent changes that'll be incorporated into the ballet, or just for this program?
  8. It's an excerpt from his SB. What info are you looking for?
  9. Who is to say they'll be without Vishneva, Ferri or Bolle? Vishneva could return as a guest artist, just like Ferri keeps doing. Right now, we haven't heard that Bolle won't be returning, so we can assume he still will. If they all don't, then I agree they'll have a casting issue. But, I wouldn't be surprised if Copeland is given a Tatiana.
  10. Is it time to start a 2018 Met Season Prediction thread? We could continue the discussion there.
  11. I would LOVE to see an additional week of mixed rep, but I believe that doesn't sell well. However, given the apparent low attendance for say Golden Cockerel and some of the Onegin performances, what would be the difference?
  12. I think if Vishneva wasn't leaving and Ferri wasn't returning (again), they wouldn't have scheduled Onegin. Instead it would have been another full-length dance-intensive ballet, not a "fluff" drama. And, the female soloists would have collapsed in exhaustion (or injury) from having to sub even more principal parts than they already did. It's certainly been exciting and inspiring to see so many debuts and last minute substitutions, but this year I was actually glad when this week came around because I think it gives a lot of dancers a much needed break (and injured dancers more time to heal) before charging through the last two weeks of the season.
  13. This reminds me of the film The Turning Point when the aging ballerina Emma (Anne Bancroft) says regarding her upcoming performance in Anna Karenina: (I'm paraphrasing here) I'll be wearing a long dress covered head-to-toe emoting my a$$ off while the younger dancers will actually be dancing [in other ballets].... ...or something like that!
  14. A test of not only how fast, but how accurate their aim was. Though a lot of guns in those days (especially rifles), compared to today's, did not have a high accuracy rate. Using fists was definitely lower-class - you had to get your hands dirty! Same with swords to a lesser degree. By using guns you could maintain distance while praying that your opponent (and his gun) had a worse aim than you.
  15. What?!?! I never would have expected this. Very sorry to hear.