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  1. Congratulations to Damian - quite an achievement! Although I have been secretly nurturing the idea that he would someday replace Peter Martins as Ballet Master-in Chief at our beloved NYCB when Peter decides to step down. Of course, that could still happen .
  2. Hi Cristian, So happy you shared your thoughts on Allegra Kent. I have many feelings and thoughts about Allegra - she is one of the most poignant figures in ballet and particularly NYCB history. I think of her as a poet. I have more thoughts but I wanted to acknowledge your post and to thank you for bringing up the topic.
  3. Oh, little Violet looks like Mommy. And what an adorable dress! What an adorable baby!! editing to add an additionalcomment: Did you notice the shoes??!! Sooo cute!
  4. So am I, Kaysta! I'm definitely going ☺️.
  5. I didn't see this posted anywhere, so I'll do it here: Jacob's Pillow is celebrating it's 85th: FESTIVAL 2017 We’re planning a momentous 85th Anniversary Festival Season including powerhouse ballet company Miami City Ballet, legendary modern dance ensemble Paul Taylor Dance Company, UK-based artist Aakash Odedra, 2016 Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award-recipient Camille A. Brown, and Japanese-born artist Eiko Otake in a special, site-specific piece during a limited engagement on the Pillow grounds. Look out for our full season announcement this December. Join us this summer from June 17-August 27.
  6. Greetings, pherenk, and thank you for your post. I have seen a couple of John Clifford's YouTube offerings and they bring me back to my experiences with NYCB at Saratoga. I can't wait to see more of these, thanks to your posting the link! HappyHolidays.
  7. Feeling very sad hearing this news. Rest in peace,Madame Chauviré.
  8. Oh, and congratulations on your new job, Cristian! Cheers to you
  9. What wonderful news, Cristian!! I'm so happy for you and thank you for sharing with your 'ballet family'. I'm sure Miss Elizabeth Cristina (a very beautiful name, by the way) will grow to love ballet with her Daddy. Blessings to you all. Smiles, Karen
  10. Thank you, Mussel! I love this program.
  11. Thank you, RG, this is so welcome. And so lovely. I'm struck by her humility! And I cannot ever forget her extraordinary performance and beauty in Reinhardt's Midsummer Night's Dream.
  12. How wonderful!!
  13. Welcome, Sherief. I'm sure you'll find many wonderful and interesting topics and healthy viewpoints on Ballet Alert!. And thank you for sharing your composition. Celtic and jazzy!
  14. Hi Sandik, I viewed the performance from my PC, not a device. I downloaded free CyberGhost. It gave me the choice to select 'French' as a server, then I came back to BA here and clicked into naomikage's link to the performance. And it worked! I hope you can get to view this performance. It's really special. I should also say that I was successful, despite not being a tech genius .