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  1. I am also a fan of Herman Cornejo in this role. Seeing him leap out the window at the end made me gasp; it was the first time I understood what all the fuss was about that jump.
  2. I also agree that Bratislava is worth a visit. I always include it on my Vienna ballet trips. The new theatre is one of the comfiest I've ever been to. Huge amounts of leg room, excellent raking in the audience (you'd have to have someone 6'6" in front of you not to be able to see over them), super comfy seats. I have seen the Slovak company's R&J (Morricone) and Sleeping Beauty (Malakhov) and enjoyed them both.
  3. Shall we try this. If we ask people on this forum "How big is New York City Ballet? / Paris Opera Ballet? etc." I think their answer would be "about 95 dancers/250 dancers". I think it highly unlikely that people would say "Oh, 95 dancers, and 15 ballet masters, and 20 people in the wardrobe department, and then there's the fundraising and the box office, oh and School of American Ballet...." I seriously don't think people consider or should consider every last 6-year-old taking creative movement when they make claims about how big a ballet company is and how it ranks compared with others, because that is not what most people will understand (maybe not you) and it is misleading to do so.
  4. I think there is one "key metric that everyone agrees" for determining the "size" of a ballet company: how many dancers it has. And besides, the RWB has a school as well.
  5. Indeed, there is nothing quite like that. I am organizing a trip if you're interested.
  6. The latest news I have on this, from Nikolaj Hubbe's assistant, is that they are not planning a Bournonville festival as such, but a festival of some sort in June 2018, which would include some Bournonville. That was a few months ago and of course things may have changed. Last year the RDB announced their new season in late April.
  7. 6' 3"
  8. The Seattle location has been changed yet again: SEATTLE, WA: 7: PM April 24, Third Place Books Seward Park, 5041 Wilson Ave S, Seattle, WA 98115 http://www.thirdplacebooks.com/event/eva-stachniak-chosen-maiden
  9. also bear in mind Baden-Baden is not far from Stuttgart.
  10. which "this" are you referring to? Pinocchio? I definitely wouldn't recommend it. Actually that's an understatement of my feelings about it. I am looking forward to the mixed program.
  11. I believe they did it just for you, Sandi!
  12. The location for the Seattle event has been changed to: 7pm April 24th Address : Third Place Books 6504 20th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98115
  13. perhaps we can all resolve to use English in our posts.
  14. I agree, but I guess it's what they can afford. Karen Kain often casts lower-than-principal-rank males in principal roles. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Saye as Siegfried in Swan Lake in June, for example. I guess if you can get them to do the principal work without the principal price tag...
  15. Congratulations. I echo what other posters have said about the website. My suggestion would be that under the "Explore Ballet" tab, the "Programs" heading be changed to "Events", since "programs" can be ambiguous. House programs? And I agree that "Explore Ballet" doesn't immediately suggest things like pre-performance talks.