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  1. but his arabesque line's not so hot ;-)
  2. I really do not think you are in a minority in liking Onegin and Manon and R&J. I am in fact astounded at people saying that they don't like Onegin, it has no dancing in it, etc. etc.
  3. Yes, it is the NBOC'S production that ABT (and SFB) rent, as was the case with the Jurgen Rose production before. But the Rose production was pushing 30 years old and literally falling apart so needed replacing. I believe there were some rights issues with just rebuilding the Rose so they went with a brand new production. In my opinion the Loquasto is vastly inferior to the Rose production it replaced.
  4. Emma Hawes, Hannah Fischer and Brendan Saye will be promoted to First Soloist next season. FĂ©lix Paquet and Ben Rudisin will be promoted to Second Soloist.
  5. I don't think reading Pushkin helps. I also wouldn't choose Stearns as my Onegin. I would go for the Ferri/Bolle or Vishneva/Gomes casts. It's all about the drama with Onegin; you need good dance actors.
  6. That position was created at tghe ROYAL BALLET. David Binet has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ROYAL BALLET.
  7. oh for heaven's sake. This strikes me as unjustly maligning both Rob Binet and his father.
  8. Rob Binet did not suddenly appear as a choreographer when his father became chair of the NBOC board. And he didn't need daddy to set up a foundation to funnel money and work to him. He had been choreographing since he was in the National Ballet School, and was then mentored by John Neumeier and commissioned to do work for the Hamburg Ballet junior company (and other companies, such as Dutch National Ballet's junior company and Ballet Black). He then was named "choreographic apprentice" or some such at the Royal Ballet where he was mentored by Wayne McGregor. He created The Blue of Distance for New York City Ballet after participating in sessions of New York Choreographic Institute in 2011 and 2014. He has also been commissioned to do work for the Estonian National Ballet and Theatre Ballet Moscow. Clearly some big names in the ballet world believe in him, and they aren't influenced by daddy. And... he's not even 25.
  9. Other than the US Presidency, perhaps?
  10. maybe, but really, ballet companies somewhere are always doing Onegin. At least 6 companies did it in the 2016-17 season.
  11. will be announced next Tuesday, May 23.
  12. Hello Canadian, welcome to the forum. I'm in Toronto (well actually at the moment I'm in London on a different-ballet-every-day extravaganza, but I LIVE in Toronto), so we must get together at an NBOC performance. YOu can send me a private message or friend me on facebook at Katherine Barber.
  13. actually I would start looking now for returned tix for Polunin performances. If one has an electronic ticket, it can be "returned" over the phone and put back in circulation almost immediately.
  14. It's the #gettingonaredeyetolondon part I'm interested in, since I have tix for American in Paris next Monday!