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  1. I watched this on my TV yesterday and am wondering if I just didn't have the right aspect ratio for my tv (which I tried to adjust but couldn't) or whether other people were also frustrated by feet (and sometimes entire lower legs) being cut off. It's beyond me why camera operators on a long view give you a picture where the dancers take up the lower 1/4 of the picture and the remaining 3/4 is backdrop. News flash: the backdrop in Balanchine ballets is NOT THAT INTERESTING!!! I can't check it online because we can't watch PBS online from Canada (although goodness knows enough Canadians support PBS with their $$$$ grumble grumble grumble)
  2. It's pretty much the same, but with different sets and costumes (better ones for POB in my opinion). The DVD is abridged because it had to fit into a 90-minute slot for TV. They chopped the fairies, among other things.
  3. I suspect they meant that it is his first appearance at YAGP as a professional, rather than as a competitor. But I agree it is very misleading. When I saw it I also thought, WTH???
  4. He was 21 when he competed in the Erik Bruhn prize in November
  5. For any balletalerters in the Toronto area, there is a public reading at High Park Library, March 15 at 7 pm. http://penguinrandomhouse.ca/events/eva-stachniak-high-park-library-228-roncesvalles-ave
  6. almost ANYTHING has been performed in Toronto more recently than Coppelia, last seen 20 years ago. I don't know what the NBOC has against it.
  7. send me an email as directed in the linked post, and good luck! :-)
  8. will be announced Jan 28
  9. Eva Stachniak, bestselling author of The Winter Palace and Empress of the Night, has plunged into the fascinating life story of Bronislava Nijinska with her latest novel The Chosen Maiden. I have two copies to give away. For more info please see here: http://toursenlair.blogspot.ca/2017/01/giveaway-bronislava-nijinska-historical.html (If referring to the giveaway violates the forum's guidelines in some way, admins please remove that part).
  10. only for the mixed program of which there is only one out of 7 programs. When they announced the season they only had the Concert and Chroma listed for this program, so clearly something had to be added to flesh it out into a full evening.
  11. Rob Binet was also Misha one year. It's true he went through a major growth spurt - he's now 6'4" or 6'5". With a mop of curly hair on top, as well. I happened to be sitting behind him at a performance once and tapped him on the shoulder to say "Could you please be a bit shorter?". (I've known Rob since he was 12).
  12. He was promoted at the end of tonight's performance of Swan Lake in which he danced Siegfried.
  13. the Art Gallery of Ontario is not Canada's National Gallery; that's in Ottawa. You're right that Kudelka's Nutcracker premiered on a larger stage, the Sony Centre.
  14. whenever I try to click on BBC links they tell me they are not available outside the UK.
  15. She debuted in the role during the November season in Toronto