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  1. I don't think Millepied is twiddling his thumbs all that much. His company, L.A. Dance Project, is currently in residence in Arles and has performances scheduled throughout the coming season.
  2. So excited about these three wonderful dancers joining LA Dance Project!
  3. I recall reading at the time that Millepied was leaving POB, that there was a female POB dancer who was joining LA Dance Project, but I do not recall her name by now.
  4. I also had a decision to make as to what I would see, given the overlap, and settled on BalletNow on Friday night, and then three Giselles, so I can see the La Scala cast principals in the matinee and Marinela Nunez twice (Saturday evening and Sunday matinee). I have never seen Nunez live and don't want any regrets if she is as beautiful as I hear. I am rarely enthusiastic about hodgepodge programs with an assortment of pas de deux and divertissements, but I am looking forward to seeing the amazing Tiler Peck on stage, as well as some of the other dancers - Gomes, Cuthbertson, Delgado. The BalletNow casting and program list has been up since at least May 26, 2017, with Robert Fairchild's name included until recently.
  5. I was wondering how this would affect the performances featuring Tiler Peck at the Los Angeles Music Center at the end of July, called Ballet Now, but I just checked the website and it shows Cory Stearns as dancing Stars and Stripes pas de deux with Tiler, as well as Fancy Free. Interesting that the casting changes are already up. Robert Fairchild was previously listed as a dancer.
  6. The Joffrey did that program in Los Angeles as well. I think it's the only ballet by Massine I've ever seen.
  7. I saw three performances of The Winter's Tale in New York last summer with different casts, and vastly preferred Heather Ogden and Jurgita Dronina as Hermione. I found Fischer one-dimensional and immature artistically, and did not understand why she was first cast. Though her dancing was very nice, it wasn't enough for that role.
  8. I'm in California and I am also reflecting on as to who is on stage over the next few hours - and sending supporting thoughts!
  9. Kochetkova danced in Ratmansky's The Golden Cockerel with ABT and Shostakovich Trilogy (the last section) with both ABT and SFB. She has danced several of Ratmansky's ballets at SFB. I can only think of one other time that Kochetkova has missed performances due to injury: a number of years ago, she missed dancing Juliet with SFB in two performances because of a neck injury, but she danced the last performance. At that performance, she got injured, seemingly by the brush and started bleeding around her eye, in Juliet's first scene with the nurse, and she walked off stage, halting the performance for a half hour while it was decided to what to do next. (Corps dancer Madison Keesler had rehearsed the role.) Her Romeo, Joan Boada, rose to the occasion and gave an impassioned performance, supporting Kochetkova emotionally and physically beyond the call of duty. I was seated in the first row and the brush incident occurred right smack in front of me.
  10. Fabulous! I am so enjoying reading all the posts about Lane, Brandt, Teuscher, and Shevchenko's taking on their new roles!
  11. According to the OC Register link, Segerstrom’s executive vice president Judy Morr is the person to contact.
  12. Can't renew my subscription. I will do a matinee-evening of the Mariinsky if I can get decent seats and the same with ABT's Nutcracker, and will spend more time in San Francisco. It looks like case of sabotaging the dance series to dismantle it in a few years.
  13. I would like to see Lauren Strongin as Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty, as she has a beautiful classical technique and it would be a pleasure to see her pure line and grace in the title role. I am sorry to see Francisco Mungamba go, as he is remarkable. I wonder where he will end up. I am less surprised about Anthony Vincent, because he has so seldom been on stage over the past three years - such a shame. I, also, was amazed to learn that Madison Keesler is returning and look forward to seeing her transformed as a performing artist after her years with ENB.
  14. Thank you for the reassurance, volcanohunter.