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  1. For some dancers, the Italian fouettes are easy and they find a natural rhythm and swing around and balance without problem. Speaking from personal experience.
  2. This is so beautiful ... those arms ....
  3. I have to backtrack to my comment a few weeks ago on being disappointed about the change of casting for the Cinderella I would attend on May 6 - YY Tan replaced by Frances Chung. Chung danced with pure lyricism and musicality and her acting was natural and varied. She continues to grow artistically, which is a joy to see. The solos danced by Chung and an excellent Luke Ingham in Act II were especially outstanding in their musicality and clarity; the audience began applauding for Ingham well befor the end of his variation - he was just that effective. I was also happy to see Hansuke Yamamoto as Benjamin, as it was the only time I saw him in a featured role this season, and he is a remarkable technician and so charming. It was an excellent performance from all and in all ways.
  4. I'm thrilled to hear about Kristina Lind being made a soloist in Munich. She gave beautiful, lyrical performances in her last season at SFB and I was sorry she left.
  5. For me, it was always a special treat when Taras Domitro was performing.
  6. I was at Segerstrom today and asked at the box office whether the dance series had been announced. I was told that they were finalizing the schedule for next season.
  7. Wow is all I can say for Suarez's list of dancers! I had no idea.
  8. It's hard to understand how in three years the roster of principal male dancers - all distinctive, lovable, and extraordinary artists - could be diminished, despite the acquisition and promotion of Walsh, Greco, and DiLanno. We also lost the outstanding Vito Mazzeo a few years back, when he went to the Dutch National Ballet. I assume Tomasson is busy looking for replacements and will continue to develop the talent within the company. We still have Tiit Helimets.
  9. Well, I am disappointed, as the Saturday YYT matinee is recast. It will be the fifth time that I have seen this Cinderella, and the third time with Frances Chung, who is a wonderful dancer, but I was looking forward to YYT.
  10. I recall seeing SFB's The Sleeping Beauty in 1995-ish with Joanna Berman as Aurora and YY Tan in the Bluebird pas de deux. I recall it as a beautiful production and especially liked Berman's control in the Vision scene (though I thought it odd that her hair had a slightly off-center part.). I plan on seeing it in the coming season four or five times as a vacation week.
  11. Sarah Van Patten and Tiit Helimets are dancing the leads on May 4 and 7. I am so glad she's back in the role of Cinderella and not the Stepmother, which she danced last fall on tour.
  12. I received an email from SFB with the news. Finally, we get The Sleeping Beauty.
  13. Do you know where I can find the whole list of nominees? My search didn't come up with anything.
  14. Speaking of Angelo Greco, I saw him in the last movement of Tomasson's Trio over the weekend, and he was unreservedly wonderful in presence, full-out dancing and then some - stopping on a dime but unrushed, precise, exciting, musical - and outshining his technically strong but dull partner. Greco can dance up a storm beyond the multiple pirouettes and high-flying jumps.
  15. The casting is up for the three weekend shows and I am relieved that I get to see Lorena Feijoo one last time, in Trio, and Vanessa Zahorian in all three ballets, concluding with Within the Golden Hour. Also, Jaime Castillo Garcia will be back on stage!