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  1. Yes, Agnès Letestu was the repetitor already at the creation
  2. I support this! I've seen Boléro perfomed a lot of times, and it can be just great both with either a male or a female dancer. It a masterpiece and I can't help to see it again next year with new dancers... As regards to other comments on Béjart, well it's not my favorite choreographer, I think he often belongs too much to his time (a bit like Cunningham in fact). I haven't seen Le Sacre du printemps for a while but I have fond memories of this work. Firebird is also a powerful piece.
  3. Not really, Reset is rather a hagiography.
  4. Well it’s not strictly about triple bills but about mixed bills that all looks more or less the same for the French audience. Roland Petit, Maurice Béjart, Jiri Kylian, Mats Ek, Angelin Preljocaj, etc. can all be accommodated in mixed bills and this is the diversity which is welcome. What I think is boring is having so much of Balanchine, Forsythe, Robbins thrown in the seasons and repertoire (because much of it are new to it). It would be the same with the other choreographers even if it looks worse with those who are not familiar to the Parisian audience.
  5. Yes, Cunningham was booed at the Première and the following shows as well. I think this Cunningham in particular (compared to Un Jour ou deux which was created for the POB) doesn't fit the French audience because even the regular ballet goers, if they didn't boo of course, were very critical. I think also that the POB audience (if it exists as such considering there is a lot of tourists in it) is very tired (well I am in any case) of the triple or quadruple bills programmed by Millepied. This not a critic of the works (and I personally really liked Walkaround time) but it doesn't fit the company, it doesn't belong do its tradition. I’m not sure how to interpret the fact that nearly only very young dancers from the corps are dancing the Cunningham but well, it’s striking
  6. The absence of anything from Giselle is difficult to undesrtand. Yvette Chauviré was named Etoile with the ballet Lifar created for her, Istar. Both ballets were part of the homage POB paid to the dancer in 1998, so perhaps Dupont wanted something different? Yet, 1998 is nearly 20 years ago...
  7. I don't think so. It's quite complicated to film the Défilé for a question of rights and it was filmed recently. As for the homage, it has been organized in a hurry with, up to many, a rather poor bill.
  8. Thank you! I'm in France right now and it's available
  9. It's probably not going to be a real improvisation. . Bélingard has choreographed a couple of pieces so far. But of course, it can be not so good as well!
  10. Yes. I was thinking he might dance in one of the Forsythe but perhaps it's better, then he will improvise according to his physical condition. He has cancelled so many appearances the past years that it's a secure choice.
  11. Well POB has very few short principal dancers except Mathias Heymann and Jérémie Bélingard, both unavailable for different reasons. The two other Oberon of this run are shortest but they are "only" Sujet, Paul Marque and Fabien Révillion. However up to me they were both better than Marchand, perhaps because they are shorter, lighter and quicker.
  12. Balanchine's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by POB has been broadcasted live in cinemas last Thursday and will be available on French TV channel Culturebox from Monday March 27th . I don't remember if it's geoblocked or not but I do remember some of you can have access to. It was introduced by Sandra Jennings Cast : Titania : Eleonora Abbagnato Obéron : Hugo Marchand Puck : Emmanuel Thibault Hermia : Laëtitia Pujol Lysandre : Alessio Carbone Héléna : Fanny Gorse Démétrius : Audric Bézard Hyppolite : Alice Renavand Thésée : Florian Magnenet Bottom : Francesco Vantaggio Cavalier de Titania : Stéphane Bullion Papillon : Muriel Zusperreguy Divertissement - Sae Eun Park, Karl Paquette
  13. "O Zlozony/O Composite" created for Paris Opera Ballet in 2004 is available for one week on French TV website Culturebox
  14. POB dancers are not civil servants. They are paid by the State on permanent contracts, that's all.
  15. The dancers of the company launched an online petition you can view HERE