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  1. I watched it to the end. The lovely prize winners were announced by number not by name! It was very "announcer"heavy. Too much talk!
  2. Thank you Aurora.
  3. I'm so sorry--so sad.
  4. How wonderful! Congratulations! Ive missed your posts!
  5. I've watched Walpurgistnacht 3 or 4 times! What a wonderful company!! I've seen Sara in it live and it whooshed by--but now I'm watching it over and over. She is brilliant and unique. And I've come to love Lauren Lovette! she is secure and exudes such joy!! When I say "what a wonderful company" I'm lucky I live here--in New York-- and see the company often--but being fully present as an audience, I watch them with wonder anew!!
  6. She is dancing Diamonds on July 9!
  7. me too
  8. This is the second time I've seen Fille. The first was with Nadia Nerina and David Blair when the RB was on tour! and I loved it! It took me to happy-ending-land. I thought Stella, Aaron Scott, and Marcello were wonderful. When Whiteside first saw the ribbon sTella left for him I thought "oh dear," needs acting coach! But forgave him. Loved it!
  9. who did the Glass Slipper? I loved that film! macnellie
  10. I watched the movie! I thought she was natural and lovely. Her dancing was too. Hope she doesn't give that up!
  11. It is when aurora rocks in her balance that spoils it for me.--that makes it about balances not youthful joy. I love it when Fonteyn pitches the second gift of roses as if to say "lm so happy I dont have time to smell the roses!"
  12. oh...... glorious....... more more
  13. I want to go to Moscow... to see Yulia!!
  14. Martine van Hamel tops them all.