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  1. No Slingerland pas de deux either? I'd love to see all the works you list here, but I'm also looking forward to this rep. I've been listening to the Poulenc, and it feels very kinetic to me. Curious to see what Ezra T makes with it.
  2. Current Dancer News

    Amanda Morgan is featured in Dance Magazine's online story "7 up-and-coming Black dance artist who should be on your radar"
  3. I'm really looking forward to seeing One Flat Thing again -- it's a really aggressive work, and not to everyone's taste, but I'm thrilled that it's part of this program.
  4. I think you'd be better served by continuing to follow your original idea (see as much as you can of everything) -- I don't love everything I see, I don't even like a big chunk of what I see, but if I don't see it, I don't know what people are doing, where they're going, how they're exploring the art form. Aside from the obvious element (you might miss something wonderful), if you don't keep looking, you won't see the breadth of the art form is. Eventually, those changes will affect how people dance the work you do see, but you won't understand how those changes happened.
  5. Watching the Olympics

    Doesn't it, though.
  6. Anthony Dowell

    Such a wonderful, attenuated line. And Ashton knew just what to do with it. This is a lovely example of the combination of choreographer and performer.
  7. Joffrey Moving to Lyric Opera House in 2020

    I've never been to the Lyric, but I loved seeing the Joffrey at the Auditorium -- the house is so full of wonderful images.
  8. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    I think we're all worried.
  9. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    It's possible that he will go quietly, with his retirement package intact. It might make the path for the next director more complex...
  10. I've always thought of him as someone who straddled boundaries, both stylistic and national. Pacific Northwest Ballet did his Voluntaries a couple of times, and his Sacre, along with Alice. But I don't think that any of them are in what is considered the active rep now.
  11. It may be that she's overcompensating -- not wanting to privilege the works that were her specialty now that she's the director rather than the performer.
  12. NEA grants to ballet-February 2018

    You're right, and that after several years of grants for specific projects. I wonder what the story might be.
  13. Nini Theilade

    Oh damn, but still -- a long life, full of adventure.
  14. Winter 2018

    Agreed! "a small troop of little boys from the SAB school, one of whom could not have been more than 5 or 6, who took center stage and whirled and jumped with bravado. They got what seemed to be the biggest applause and calls of Bravo of the evening. " Kids always are a big hit in these works -- Balanchine knew that and included them as often as he could. Pacific Northwest Ballet just finished a run of their Swan Lake, where Kent Stowell made a couple of very charming opportunities for young dancers and yes, they get big applause.
  15. NEA grants to ballet-February 2018

    I think what you're seeing is a calendar/reporting period glitch. I went back and looked at their grant history since 1998, and as you'd imagine, they've been regular recipients. But right now they're in the middle of their new works festival -- the grant for that project began in May 2017 since the project has been under development for a long time. Technically, they aren't getting new money in 2018, even though their current grant doesn't complete until next July.
  16. Wendy Whelan -- Into The Future

    But here's a trouble -- I doubt that Whelan posted this in order to shame anyone, or to be used as motivation for unhealthy weight loss. Social media makes it so easy to re-purpose images or comments in ways that the originators never intended or endorsed. Aesthetics aside, like all of us, Whelan has a specific body, and it responds to physical training in a specific way. I don't know enough about her to say anything about her current status, but I'm going to assume that she's healthy. What I do know is that healthy looks very different on different people. To use an image of one person as inspiration for another with a different shape/size/metabolism is not only ineffective but cruel. Pacific Northwest Ballet just finished a run of their Swan Lake, where the Russian variation in the national dances is re-cast as a "Persian" dance. Paul Tazewell's costume is based on a conventional belly dancer's, with a bra top and diaphanous skirt, so that we see the dancer's torso very clearly. All the casts I saw this time around were very slender, with pronounced abdominal muscles, and in one case, her back ribs were also clearly defined. Should these women, all of them principal dancers at the company and so therefore automatically "successful," be used as role models? Certainly yes, based on what I know of their skills, but that's not necessarily what you see in a photo.
  17. NEA grants to ballet-February 2018

    Looking further along in the lists, the Joffrey is commissioning a new work from Alexander Ekman
  18. NEA grants to ballet-February 2018

    *snicker* In my neck of the woods, the Pickford Center in Bellingham, WA is a very active presenter of the big dance cinema broadcasts (sometimes the only place in the state that things get screened) Grants to both On the Boards (presents experimental works) and Pacific Northwest Ballet both to encourage new choreography. And several other grants to dancey groups. These grants will jump-start more support from institutions and individuals -- the NEA grant is like the USDA stamp of approval. All of this while the Trump administration wants to eliminate the agency altogether. Grrr.
  19. Oh, thank you so much for posting this review -- it's been a long time since I read anything of Mike Kreigsman's work, and it was a pleasure to "hear" his voice again! PNB had this in its repertory for a couple years, and I kick myself that I didn't see it when I had the chance, especially since it seems that it's on the way out of active performance. I worry about repertories like Tetley's, that don't seem to have a permanent home anywhere. Many of the works were integral to the development of certain artists or institutions, a few of them are truly significant to the art form altogether, but they are slipping away.
  20. I remember watching Ronald Hynd staging Beauty at Pacific Northwest Ballet some years ago, working hard with the company on that more marked epaulment. It was a difference from their standard neo-classical practice, and took some doing to maintain.
  21. Didn't the National used to perform the Tetley Alice? I'm out of the loop with this...
  22. Vinson

    Just mousing around a bit -- in the NYPL collection they have this contemporary production. But this looks more like what you describe, also from the NYPL collection.
  23. Watching the Olympics

    I remember that as well. I spent a considerable amount of time watching ski jumping, a sport I've only ever seen in the Olympics, and only on television. I managed to learn enough about the requirements listening to the commentators that I was able to predict scores pretty reliably -- I wish I still had access to that kind of coverage.
  24. 2018-19 season: Joffrey Ballet

    Symphonic Variations!
  25. Akram Khan's Giselle/Cinema

    Nooooooo! Chicago in February is a real weather crap-shoot!