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  2. Watching the Olympics

    Wow. Ok, I haven't watched figure skating in probably 4-5 years, so I don't know the current state of the sport. But I just finally watched the Savchenko-Massot gold-medal free skate, and that was unbelievable. I don't think I've ever seen a program that was so technically solid and so artistic at the same time. Talk about dance on ice. They were doing some step combinations I've truly never seen before. That was truly awe-inspiring.
  3. Yulia Stepanova

    A spectacular lift from Stepanova/Rodkin in Bela (A Hero of Our Time).
  4. Thursday, February 15

    A review of San Francisco Ballet by Heather Desaulniers for DanceTabs.
  5. Florida massacre memorials

    Here's one from ABT:
  6. Houston Ballet posted this on Instagram today -- they're wearing orange in honor of Jaime, one of the students murdered who was a dancer. I also saw some photos of ABT costumes with orange ribbons. Has anybody else seen this?
  7. Gomes and ABT

    It's great - as long as those organizations have done their due diligence and nothing comes back to bite them since we still have no idea what ABT discovered.
  8. Friday, February 16

    A review of New York City Ballet by Gay Morris for danceviewtimes.
  9. Winter 2018

    I've had to cancel my trip tomorrow so I'm selling a single ticket for Sunday night's Romeo + Juliet performance at 7:00. Face value is $33.50 and I'm asking $25. Please see the details in the Heads up! Tickets and Ticket Offers section above.
  10. Wednesday, February 14

    Ruth Ann Koesun dies at age 89.
  11. Friday, February 16

    An interview with Indiana Woodward by Gia Kourlas in The New York Times.
  12. Friday, February 16

    An AFP story on the conclusion of the Peter Martins investigation.
  13. Thursday, February 15

    An investigation by New York City Ballet and the School of American Ballet that accusations of abuse against Peter Martins were not corroborated.
  14. Wednesday, February 14

    Previews of Indianapolis Ballet and Ballet Theatre of Indiana.
  15. Friday, February 16

    A review of the Washington Ballet by Sarah L. Kaufman in The Washington Post.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I've had to cancel my trip so I have a single ticket for sale for NYCB Romeo + Juliet. The performance is Sunday, February 18 at 7:00 PM. The seat is located on the right side of the Second Ring, Seat AA10, full view. Face Value is $33.50 and I'm selling it for $25. Currently, the cheapest ticket available on the NYCB website is in the Fourth Ring for $75 so here's a chance to see it for a lot less. I can email you the ticket as soon as Paypal payment is received. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  18. The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    What's your understanding of why this is allowed? Couldn't Urin just ban them?
  19. Natalia Bessmertnova danced Şirin, which ranks pretty high on the prima scale. So did Nadezhda Pavlova and Lyudmila Semenyaka. Mind you, Maya Plisetskaya was Mehmene Banu.
  20. Winter 2018

    I attended last nights Romeo and Juliet. Erica Pereira and Peter Walker did not disappoint. Watching these 2 love struck kids i found myself feeling their joy and pain. Their dancing was absolutely perfect. When Peter would lift Erica it was as if she was floating in the air. When he would place her down the transition was as smooth as silk. The balcony scene was charming. It did appear that Peter had a problem removing his cape he actually yanked it off. The sword fights were intense and Troy Schumachers dancing was some of his best i have seen in quite a while. The entire core was great. Ending scene had me chocking up, you could really feel the torture and pain of both these young lovers felt. Loved Erica and Peter as a pair i would love to see them again in something else sometime in the near future.
  21. Agree, I have the feeling this should be seen at the Bolshoy, the changes made at Mariinka and "tightness" of the CdB don't resonate. My friend had exactly the same take, said Osipova did not look "Regal" enough - will look up what she posted on No Fixed Points but am sure it will be in Russian only. Fully agree that Osipova had great stage presence, as always, but "we" were not too sure regarding expression last night.
  22. I'm really looking forward to seeing One Flat Thing again -- it's a really aggressive work, and not to everyone's taste, but I'm thrilled that it's part of this program.
  23. I think you'd be better served by continuing to follow your original idea (see as much as you can of everything) -- I don't love everything I see, I don't even like a big chunk of what I see, but if I don't see it, I don't know what people are doing, where they're going, how they're exploring the art form. Aside from the obvious element (you might miss something wonderful), if you don't keep looking, you won't see the breadth of the art form is. Eventually, those changes will affect how people dance the work you do see, but you won't understand how those changes happened.
  24. The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    I'll admit I don't know all the details, but today I watched Roman Abramov and his crew counting large numbers of 1,000-rouble bills stuffed into envelopes right inside the Bolshoi Theatre. They were also discussing who they'd be applauding at tomorrow's performance (Maria Vinogradova and Artem Ovcharenko). Again, it may not mean anything, but in the stage door area this same group swarmed around Artemy Belyakov as soon as he emerged and left when he did, even though the principal dancers in the cast and the other dancers with honorific titles hadn't yet come out. (Honestly, I would tell Belyakov that he doesn't need the claque. He makes a better Pechorin in "Taman" than either Ovcharenko or Vladislav Lantratov.) The spectacle was revolting.
  25. Not only "she certainly has the stage presence and expression," MadameP, but I think that she has a definite Fineness the aids her presentation considerably. I'm now in the middle of watching the interaction of her and Yekaterina Osmolkina. Quite wonderful.
  26. I think Legend of Love is a wonderful Grigorovich work and absolutely a must-see! I agree with Birdsall that Mekhmene Banu is the more "dramatic" role for want of a better word, and better suited to Osipova than the role of Shyrin. I think temperamentally Osipova is unsuited to Shyrin - Shryin is much more of a "young", playful or lyrical role Osipova has nowhere near the arms and hands required for Shyrin either. By nature she is far too dynamic and boisterous. I have seen Legend of Love live myself twice at Bolshoi theatre - with Alexandrova and Stepanova (debut) in the role of the Queen, as well as various older video versions. It is a work of stunning theatricality, with wonderful ensemble work for both male and female dancers. I do think it is a truly Great Grigorovich ballet and one that deserves to be seen on the Bolshoi stage. I have also seen it on Mariinsky stage, in filmed format and greatly admired Lopatkina as the Queen. Every ballerina brings something different to the role, and while Osipova does not have the lines or regality that I personally would like to see in the Queen, she certainly has the stage presence and expression.
  27. Peter Martins Retired; Succession Discussion

    I agree fondofouttes! While I know there are dancers who are naturally thin, Wendy Whelan's recent posts are a cause of concern for many reasons. They depict a human body suffering and emaciated and unhealthy.
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