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  2. 2016-17 season

    There aren't many members of the board who travel to Toronto in general. Most members here live in the NY Metro area, and there are high-speed trains to Boston, Washington DC, to which major companies tour, and Philadelphia. I travel to Vancouver, which is accessible from Seattle by train or bus, when NBoC makes its infrequent Canadian tours outside Ontario.
  3. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    Seems we have quite different perceptions about dancers - I saw both Stipanova and Krysanova live at the Bolshoy last week and have no doubts about who was the better and more confident dancer : http://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/43049-two-casts-of-karsar-aka-corsaire-at-the-balshoy/ Stipanova has a lot of fans on this forum and I respect their views, it's just that I have to see more of her and be convinced, if !
  4. Corsaire Live Webcast of Today

    Tsvirko may not have the allure of say Chudin or Rodkin but he seems to be a "jack and master of all roles". One thing I like at the Balshoy is how a principal or leading soloist dances the lead one night and a bit part the next. Tsvirko is my default "Fool" in Swan Lake, stellar artistic and athletic performer of this role. Agree that Hahlova may not grab in the first act but boy imho she really shines in the third act - I promoted her to my joint default Gulnare, joining Tixomirova.
  5. Corsaire Live Webcast of Today

    The three main cameras are placed at the center and sides of the first row, which is below stage level when seated so you a miss lot of the footwork. On my very first visit I was seated just next to the camera on the right side and right behind the huge bass drum and cymbals ...... at Swan Lake !
  6. Corsaire Live Webcast of Today

    Yes, the "Pas des Eventailles (fans)" in the third act. What he said was that this was originally in the place of the famous Pdd in the second scene but the choreo was lost so this part is totally new choreo by Ratmansky. Don't you think he made an excellent job and it looks like original Petipa ??
  7. Corsaire Live Webcast of Today

    Thanks for the link -- I had to miss the screening today.
  8. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    Had to miss this today -- a frustration, but hoping for a DVD at some point.
  9. Matthew Bourne "The Red Shoes"

    True, and it's kind of an unconventional telling of the story.
  10. 2016-17 season

    ditto!!! I am quite puzzled by the criminal underutilization of Elena Lobsanova. Perhaps to a letter extent but similarly for Jillian Vanstone. And it beats me how Hannah Fischer has earned all her high profile roles while she doesn't quite seem to have the goods to perform them, as evidenced by the poor performances she had of both her Swan Lake outings. Yes, I too agree, the casting within this company has puzzled me greatly and it is evidenced by the lack of interest by the non Canadians in general as well as the exodus I have seen of able dancers leaving NBC....
  11. Corsaire Live Webcast of Today

    You can still see this ballet broadcasted live today, on Bolshoi Theater's video channel - http://media.bolshoi.ru/play/#/vod/play/309 , if you have missed watching it in theater. Today's performance of Le Corsaire was absolutely gorgeous! Not only everyone's dancing was well done, flawless, and their dramatic interpretation vivid. BTW, I went to a theater to see it.
  12. Maria Kochetkova

    Masha to appear in Vogue? And which national edition of Vogue? The photo shoot was apparently done at the beautiful Paramount Theater in Oakland , California (an historic Art Deco-styled theater, built in 1931). balletrusse #vogue shoot with @jucophoto at the most beautiful theater I have ever seen This is what the theater looks like today:
  13. UNBOUND 2018: A Festival of New Works

    Mathilde Froustey posted some photos to Instagram regarding a video shoot of the new Cathy Marston ballet. No word yet as to where this video might be shown. In the photo below we have Sarah Van Patten, Cathy Marston, Mathilde Froustey, videographer Mark, and Ulrik Birkkjaer. Humorously, Elizabeth Mateer replied to the posting by asking "is that my leotard?" Mathilde: "Yes !!! I left you a note on your locker !!! Cathy asked me on Friday at 7pm [to wear] a pink long sleeves Leotard.... it will be cleaned and back to mama on Monday morning !"
  14. This was a wonderful benefit tonight and it was so nice to see Yuriko Kajiya and Jared Matthews on stage again. I still miss them at ABT. Mattthews gave a few curtain speeches scattered in between ballets and the chairwoman of the Houston Ballet also spoke. They talked about the amount of damage that the hurricane had done including to the ballet's main theatre. She said that the amount of rain that had fallen (51 inches!) on Houston was enough water to supply NYC for the next 5 years. I gasped but I appreciated that fact since how does one really comprehend how much rain that really is? Anyway. Since this was a charity event and all of the artists donated their time, I won't critique, I'll just mention the highlights for me. Kajiya was absolutely gorgeous in the Madame Butterfly pas and the Prayer solo from Coppelia. Really pretty choreography in Butterfly with lovely lifts. Ashley Mayeux and Sean Aaron Carmon from Alvin Ailey did Fix Me Jesus by Ailey. It's been years since I've seen the Ailey co and I was reminded how powerful and graceful their dancers are and what strong stage presence they have. Daniel Ulbricht and Daniil Simkin performed solos that showed off their best skills with lots of high flying leaps, pirouettes and plenty of personality. Ask la Cour of NYCB and Jacquelin Harris of Ailey did After the Rain which was mesmerizing. And, dancers from The Washington Ballet did Ratmansky's Bolero which was wow, wow, wow! ABT should do this piece which was much better than Ratmansky's new work that I saw on Friday. Julie Kent, who was in the audience, is doing an amazing job with this company. They were so well rehearsed, super confident and they tore up the stage. A lot of inventive choreography with difficult lifts. Great solo choreography for the men to dance that showed off their athleticism. One woman took a nasty fall but recovered well. Besides Kent, Kevin McKenzie, Irina Kolpakova and a few ABT dancers were in the audience. Matthews said the United Way of Greater Houston (which 100% of the proceeds goes towards) is still accepting donations, so if anyone is interested you can check out Facebook.com/heartsforhouston2017 to find out how to donate.
  15. Ah yes, I enjoyed that film way back when. I'd forgotten all about it.
  16. ABT Swan Lake in Singapore

    Disappointing that Lane isn't listed, but maybe Simkin isn't available for this tour which is why she isn't cast. And, surprising Teuscher isn't given one either. But, happy for Shevchenko.
  17. Corsaire Live Webcast of Today

    I am a great admirer of Novikova... thought her dress was stunning, but missed the "tap on the back: wrap it up" cue of an earlier Bolshoi live stream... thought that was charming.... here they were clearly talking in her ears, but she coped well. I had a little difficulty following the Ratmansky interview... what was the new part he inserted in the third act? Was it the entire pas with the feathery fans? They kept saying what it was but my French is too basic to catch the term... Pas de What? Was the first act tempo a little faster than it had been rehearsed? was anyone else's livestream's audio off by a fraction? I found myself watching to see if the footfalls matched what we were seeing on stage... Costume design was gorgeous, just stunning, but I wish the bottom layers of the tutus were a little less springy... it seemed a lot of the footage was shot with the camera at the dancers' knee level so that we were looking up the skirts and the view was distracting. I am happy to say that most of the camera decisions were invisible... they clearly worked hard to make the kidnapping scene frame just right. At times I wished they would allow the dancers just a little more space to dance in, but that the camera was rarely distracting is evidence of how well shot the production was. i wish very much that in their intermission bytes that they would decode the pantomime gestures... there several here that I was a little mystified by... is there a history to the slave pose of fingertips to chest? Keep your hands out of yuor pockets and visible at all times, ready to serve? The pas de Odalisques was one of the high points... person next to me whispered in awe "so that's what brisés are supposed to look like!" finally... does the boat never rock in the storm? I thought remembered reading once somewhere how a detachment of calvary(?) would be ordered to duty at the theater to pull the ropes to rock the boat during the storm. This is the first time I have seen the whole production (have caught bits on the micro screen) and I had always wondered how the dancers moved on a rocking surface... here the dancers clung to things as if the boat were rocking but the looked as placid as if it were sitting in a small ponf on a still day (until it cracked in two). So... it never did rock? Or not in recent memory? we were given a printed program, but I swear it was practically in font point size 3... i will have to find my magnifying glass... [watched in Connecticut]
  18. Casting has been announced for ABT's tour to Singapore March 2018 https://www.esplanade.com/festivals-and-series/dans-series/2018/swan-lake Dancers for Singapore’s performances 15 Mar, Thu, 8pm Misty Copeland Herman Cornejo Alban Lendorf 16 Mar, Fri, 8pm Hee Seo Cory Stearns James Whiteside 17 Mar, Sat, 2pm Gillian Murphy Alexandre Hammoudi Thomas Forster 17 Mar, Sat, 8pm Isabella Boylston Alban Lendorf Calvin Royal 18 Mar, Sun, 2pm Christine Shevchenko James Whiteside Cory Stearns *Cast subject to change
  19. There is an extended death of Stalin gag (which I must admit I found very funny) in an Australian film with Judy Davis called Children of the Revolution. I think I will try to see The Death of Stalin too...
  20. I have always understood that Makarova's 3rd Act -- with the wedding and destruction of the temple -- is mostly Makarova's choreography though she imported the Golden Idol into it. Some of what is now the "engagement" scene in her production, the classical set piece with Solor and Gamzatti in her first Act (Mariinsky's Act II) was originally from the final "wedding" act. You can see video of the Vikharev reconstruction of that final Act on youtube. Unfortunately, I never saw the reconstruction but several people on this site have and know more about these different productions. From very early in the Soviet period, the wedding/destruction of the Temple was cut. I thought its absence would bother me more than it did. At least after the Kingdom of the Shades with Tereshkina and Kim or Kondaurova and Askerov, I kind of didn't want to see anything else. Though it does mean the ballet ends in the middle of an opium dream and Nikiya's murderers remain unpunished. It's as if Solor just OD'ed. (I'm on record as liking Skorik and, in fact, I genuinely loved her Raymonda two years ago, but I found her Nikiya this past Saturday less compelling--especially after just having seen Tereshkina the night before. It had some very fine moments--I liked the way she stabbed her legs into the floor in Nikiya's "joyous" dance at the engagement/wedding celebration, and her arms in the opening solo were very lyrical. Her air of vulnerability suits Nikiya, too, and her lines can be exquisite. But overall I didn't find the performance on the same level as her Raymonda. I also feel Tereshkina and Kondaurova just had stunningly "on" performances the nights I went and at the matinee Skorik, though--in my eyes--a lovely ballerina, just didn't seem "on" in the same way. But I enjoyed the performance and am very glad I saw her.)
  21. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Gamzatti's 3rd act variation was part of the original production or added later? Before today, I had only seen ABT's version and was surprised the Mariinsky version ended with the shades and without the whole destruction of the temple scene.
  22. Fall 2017 Season

    Corey Stearns is now scheduled to perform Other Dances with Isabela Boylston on the 27th. Lendorf has also been replaced in Plato on the 29th, though I'm uncertain which dancer is taking his place.
  23. Yesterday
  24. I also enjoy all of the reports from everybody else. I wish I had an opportunity to see the other casts. Drew's comments about my comments made me laugh just a little. I should have described what I saw better. The dancer that I thought looked like she was falling asleep did not look bored at all, she looked pooped! .... and kind of out of it. She never fumbled though. It was like she had a micro nap and woke up exactly at the right moment! I've had a full day now to think about what I saw and I have to comment about the audience. I heard lots of Russian being spoken and people dressed for the occasion. They were enthusiastic and old school. It was nice to be around. I miss that kind of vibe. Kansas City Nutcracker next!
  25. Corsaire Live Webcast of Today

    We have it in theatres with a 1 hour lag time. I live in NYC, and I know at minimum, three theatres showing this (because I was deciding which theatre to go to). The audience for this was quite old and I heard quite a few snoring during the second act. I personally enjoyed the production. Tsvirko is not my favorite dancer but he is a good actor and this role suited him perfectly, highlighting his strength and power. Krysanova was excellent as Medora. All the leads were excellent in fact. Khokhlova (btw, you can hear the linguistically proficient Novikova clearly pronouncing the name) didn’t grab me at first but was much better in the third act. Great to see Lopatin, whose dancing I love (even if his looks preclude him from many leading parts).
  26. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    Here are some of my impressions of the Bolshoi's broadcast of Le Corsaire, which I saw this afternoon at my local theater. What I liked: the sets and costumes were colorful and interesting -- always something to look at. Mime was interwoven throughout the ballet and was very effective, adding humor, emphasis and variety. As expected, the group dances were wonderful, especially the Danse des Forbans led by Denis Savin and Kristina Karasyova, and I loved the dance of the harem girls. The Pas d'exclave was terrific thanks to the efforts of Staskevitch and Lopatin. What lovely soft and deep plies he has! What I didn't like: This was a "Bolshoi school" cast -- I think the only Vaganova dancers were Xenia Zhingashina as the third odalisque and Eleonora Sevenard in group dances. Classical dance style is not a Bolshoi strength at the moment (see e.g. Etudes) and the lack of such was painfully evident in the leading parts and Jardin Anime. In my view, the best Bolshoi performances of Corsaire in the past featured Medoras who were elegant classical beauties, i.e. Lunkina and Zakharova. I think they were successful precisely because their beauty and classicism contrasted so well to the roughness of the slave market and the cave on the one hand, and on the other, fit naturally into, and highlighted, the beauty and elegance of the two pas de deux and the Jardin Anime. In today's performance, Krysanova (who it must be acknowledged is beloved of the Moscow audiences for her spirit, speed and gutsiness) was simply unable to bridge the gap between the cute playfulness of the first act and the classic elegance of the second. In closeup particularly the experience was not of an enchanting slave girl but rather of a tomboy trying, but failing, to morph into a princess. Tvirsko in my view had similar sort of "emploi" issues in that he was shorter than his fellow pirates and compared to Dennis Savin did not command the stage. Both Tvirsko and Krysanova have a kind of modern, cool look that serves them well in contemporary pieces and I'm always happy to see them in such settings. But please, not in cinema broadcasts of Corsaire or other classical ballets! The puzzle is, why was this cast chosen for broadcast of a classical Petipa ballet? Bolshoi has many dancers more suited to the lead roles than those we saw today, including Lantratov, Lobukhin and Rodkin as Conrad and Smirnova, Zakharova, Shipulina, Nikulina and Stepanova as Medora. The trailer featuring Stepanova and Rodkin, two of the most gorgeous people on planet earth, was shown in the cinema immediately before the broadcast and contrasted in a jarring way with what was seen during the broadcast performance. Maybe this casting was due to accidents of dancer health and availability, or maybe it reflects internal Bolshoi politics, or a repudiation of Vaziev's preference for Vaganova dancers, but the end result did not I think show the best that Bolshoi has to offer.
  27. I enjoy reading everyone’s insightful comments on this board — thank you! As mentioned I went Thursday (Kondaurova, Askerov, Batoeva). Loved it. My first time seeing LB and only set in stone prior commitments kept me from going to multiple performances.
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