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  2. If you go back to Bournonville, you have men and women dancing pretty much in parallel, and the place in class where technique differs is way past barre to the big jumping combinations. I think it's more the fundamental physics of partnering technique. It was interesting to hear dancers who performed in "Plot Point" and/or "Afternoon Ball" in PNB's "Her Story" Q&A's talking about whether Company class was useful for that work, and the answer was pretty much "no" for "Plot Point." There's the current argument about whether to present works that came out of a specific period authentically when it comes to partnering and the underlying assumptions about the relationships of those times. Ratmansky got himself into boiling oil when he probably was thinking about classical ballets presented in as authentic a way as we can, and Balanchine in many of his tutu ballets maintained this relationship, while both choreographers, in their more modern-day/contemporary ballet works present(ed) quite different relationship dynamics (ex: "Central Park in the Dark," "Odessa.") Last night I was at a Seattle Opera presentation about Puccini by Jonathan Dean. In one part he played examples of music representing famous kisses in Puccini, and one of the questions to the audience was "Who is kissing whom?" To the Turandot (last act) example, I replied, "It depends on the production." Dean replied, that no, Puccini's stage instructions were from a specific time, with specific assumptions that it would be the male. I smiled, because in the last production of Turandot Seattle Opera did, and which I saw last month performed in Vancouver Opera, Turandot kisses Calaf at that moment
  3. Jerome Robbins Centennial

    Heaps of information indeed -- glad to get a heads-up on performances! And if you haven't listened to this yet (Woetzel and Peck at the Kennedy Center), you have it to look forward to!
  4. "Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan"

    That was such a fraught moment for me -- I didn't realize I'd see him, and there he was.
  5. Which is to say that gay men and women often have the same variety of experience and opinion that het men and women do! It interests me that this conversation (implied violence against women represented by the ballet rep) is being pursued at the same time as the discussions in the bigger world about harassment and aggression. I'm not always a believer in serendipity, but there are times when it seems pretty obvious. There's all kinds of element to this discussion, not the least of which is the fundamental physics of ballet technique, which was developed at a time when male/female relationships were very different than they are today. The technique and the repertory tend to replicate and reinforce those mores, while the world has moved on.
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  7. World Ballet Day Live - 5 October 2017

    Different companies have different contractual obligations with regard to the period of time that lifestreams can stay up and with the length of the highlights videos. These matters are negotiated with the various unions that work with the companies as well as with the rights holders for the ballets and the music.
  8. What sad, sad news. Hvorostovsky was one of the greatest singers I've ever heard live. A performance I cherish was hearing him sing Prince Yeletsky in "Queen of Spades" at the Met in 2004. May he rest in peace.
  9. Wednesday, November 22

    Ballet Manila presents "Snow White."
  10. Tuesday, November 21

    Ballet San Antonio presents its Nutcracker.
  11. Wednesday, November 22

    A new documentary tells the story of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo.
  12. Miko Fogarty

    I was just thinking about Miko this morning. Hard to really find anything all current on her. I do hope she resurfaces soon, and preferably in ballet, but even if not, I wish her luck.
  13. Yeah - and I wonder what the real reason is?? Copyright? Some companies at least leave up the entire class for years and years. Oh, well. -d-
  14. And I hope in the very near future, if not now, the actor/dancer/singer's sexuality will be a non issue completely and the focus will be on the quality of the work alone.
  15. He was one of the few male singers I loved listening to, and I saw him many times once together with Olga Borodina in concert. Backstage at that concert Borodina would not come out and greet fans, and someone alerted the impresaria that Borodina would not come out, and Hvorostovsky was standing there with her and I was next to him, and he had an honest reaction of shock blurting out, "Well, that's not right!" Borodina was apparently upset with her performance that night (although she sounded as gorgeous as usual to my ears). To me his reaction showed that he cared about fans and felt it was part of their duty to meet the ones who were ardent fans. Anyway, I loved the singer.....so few good singers around anymore, and we lose a good one! It is a rarity for me to even attend opera anymore, because I don't like what I hear. I made the effort to see Stemme in Tristan und Isolde last Fall b/c her Brunnhilde in San Francisco in 2011 was absolutely amazing. But so few singers are exciting to me now. Sad to lose one so young. 55 is young for humans and baritones can often sing into old age. I guess 55 is usually when a soprano is starting to wind down her career or drop the most difficult roles out of her repertoire, but Hvorostovsky probably could have sung for years if he had not fallen ill.
  16. Robert Fairchild and Tiler Peck...........

    I'd hoped to point to two things: 1) There are a lot of openly gay actors, enough for me to say that there are, indeed, a host of them. 2) Women find them sexually attractive. One might suspect that the only bar to gay actors portraying male romantic leads is a certain squeamishness on the part of (hmmm ... male?) producers. It's called acting for a reason. I think Nanushka is right: in the very near future, if not now, tying oneself in knots in an effort to remain closeted will be the scandal.
  17. Australian Ballet's Nicola Curry (ex-ABT corps) posted this excerpt of Misty Copeland and Kevin Jackson's on-stage rehearsal of the Grand PDD for Aurora and the Prince, including the fish dives: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbwjRwahYUn/?taken-by=currycoops Toi, toi, toi for all of the weekend's guest stars in Sydney!
  18. Ratmansky R&J Coming Up - Casting a Mystery !

    The exact casting is up for the initial cluster of performances in November but not yet for the second cluster of shows in January, including the all-important live cinemacast on 21 January, for those of us without the resources and time to simply hop on a plane to Moscow. Is it too much to hope for Genya Obraztsova for that one, with a possible DVD to follow? https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/4008/roles/#20180119190000
  19. Like someone said...I'm willing to bet that he's enchanting the angels. RIP noble servant of beauty.
  20. Devastated. Jose Carreras survived that horrible disease and I was full of hope Hvorostovsky would too. A sad day.
  21. Dmitri Hvorostovsky has lost his battle with brain cancer. Requiescat in pace.
  22. Krysanova - Lantratov To Open Romeo & Juliet !

    Have not seen her as Juliet, but imho she is the only one among the Bolshoy primas who "looks the part". Have no chance to see Genya on this run, am hoping Krysanova will surprise me somehow
  23. I just noticed the length of the SFB WBD 2017 "highlights" video: 28mins 40 secs!!! The original was 3 hours 55 mins. with SFB, and then an hour with Houston Ballet and Ballet West. Think they cut out much? Yikes! I really wish the editor wouldn't go crazy like this.
  24. Drew, I wanted to note that I didn’t see your reply before I replied to Kathleen initially, but that is indeed what I meant. I didn’t mean to ignore what you wrote. Kathleen, thank you for the links. I took a look. It's nice that gay actors have made progress, and I never said they haven't, but I saw nothing there that inclines me to take back what I initially wrote.
  25. Nutcracker Casting

    That was the first role I saw her dance...when she was just underway in her career. What wouldn't I give to see her dance it now! Will look forward to your report.
  26. ABT 2017 Spring Season at The Met

    Congratulations to the couple. Always nice when an absence is for happy news
  27. It’s interesting that this topic had gone pretty quiet relatively quickly, but then the photos/captions were changed/removed and canbelto was blocked and BOOM, the conversation got lively. They can’t put the genie back in the bottle and attempting to do so just makes people discuss it even more. My tween seems to have a better grasp of how social media works. You can have both a public and a private Instagram, and even then you should never put anything out there that you may wish to take back.
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