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  2. Ratmansky Romeo&Juliet Premiere Wed 22 Nov

    she got to dance 24th but lost her spot on 26th on sunday...what happened? Krysanova gets to go again?
  3. Ratmansky Romeo&Juliet Premiere Wed 22 Nov

    Was rescheduled to dance tonight (24th) since Krysanova-Lantratov dropped out - didn't she dance ?? PS : Bolshoy casting for 24th still shows Genya Obr. so she must have danced with Belyakov. Casting for 26th has again changed - now it's Krysanova-Belyakov !
  4. Ratmansky Romeo&Juliet Premiere Wed 22 Nov

    what happened to Obratzova? She has posted multiple entries on instagram and she sounded pretty heartbroken. I'm sad that she was not able to perform on the last day, why didn't they just let her dance with Belyakov?
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  6. Tomorrow Sunday 26th November - this is not live, think it was originally livecast last year. Bolshoy simultaneously streams live cinecasts on its website but as this is not live am not sure whether there will be a webcast.
  7. 2018 Met Season

    Wish we were seeing this this summer:
  8. Ratmansky Romeo&Juliet Premiere Wed 22 Nov

    The eminent Russian critic Tatyana Kuznetsova has posted a review for Kommersant today. "One has to have the courage of his conviction !" - I first heard this phrase when one of our lecturers was adressing my class during my postgrad year in London many years ago. So I am going to select some of Ms. Kuznetsova's comments and say what I think about their validity. The original of Kuznetsova's review : https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/3475510 "Ratmansky arranges the balcony scene in several sections, following Prokofiev’s climaxes, and manages an entirely Shakespearean dialogue with all his psychological corners and emotional overtones". I had already written in my opening post that I had found the staging of the balcony scene realistic and the pdd choreo good but not superior to Lavrovsky or Macmillan. "The dance is detailed, sophisticated and devoid of any pathetic element: almost all the main episodes emerge with new meanings and motivations - so naturally that one can only make a true evaluation of his innovations by comparing them with other stagings. An equally discreet uniqueness can be seen in the ballet language itself - classical, lucid, ideally coordinated ..... Ratmansky deploys canonical jumps, recognisable lifts, and commonly used step phrases; he does not need to be 'original’ or self-assertive. This is choreography with a tender eye, already imbued with its own intonation. You could not confuse with anyone else his detail in ensemble, the speed of foot, the almost everyday movement of the torso, the surprising angles, the flutter of small beats, all winding in dance so organically made that it seems quite simple and straightforward" I am not sure whether we were at the same performance but there was only one : I saw nothing special or worthy of extended discussion in the ensembles ..... and people criticise Macmillan for repetitive and uncoupled ensembles ! On the other hand : what about the destruction of the drama - taking a great tragic story and making the priest dance a PdT with the young lovers about to die ?? Absolute zenith of bad taste, disgusting ..... it seems for Kuznetsova ballet is motion set to music - not for me !! "Krysanova… amazing - light, childlike, explosive, impatient, despairing… the complexity of her role is invisible in her performance, the lines of dance are lovely, while her portrayal is so clear that the ballerina’s marvellous technique is barely noticed, the great actress eclipses the ballet dancer" At last something about which we have the same take : I already wrote that Krysanova surprised me with her incredible acting in addition to her dancing, yes - the great actress did really eclipse the great ballet dancer, so good to have seen. "Lantratov… clean, decisive, impulsive and unexpectedly mature: for almost the first time one finds the ballet story not being dictated by Juliet. Obviously Lantratov has no problems with tours and pirouettes, he is a knowledgeable and experienced partner, and, for example, he plays and dances the scene in the crypt with enormously expressive self-effacement, it is a real actor’s triumph" Sorry, not how I saw it : Lantratov faced the camera and recited his lines correctly without hesitation but for me great acting is something else. The scene in the crypt ..... which scene, was there one ?? What about the drama ?? Cannot imagine anyone who has been affected by the original buying this me-too remake. I love the American saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it !" Welcome comments and corrections from our Russian speaking members who can decipher the review so much better than I can. I hope "admin" is in a good mood today and will not summarily decapitate my post - did put some effort into it.
  9. The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Olga Smirnova “Carmen Suite” (dance with the matador) Ballet Globe Gala Geneva November 23, 02017 
 **** Absolutely The Greatest !!!! **** I was hoping for a lot. This was more than that ! There were many excellent performances including her own Sleeping Beauty duet, but this eclipsed everything. I’m still more or less speechless. http://www.theatreduleman.com/index.php?m=0&s=3&agId=1005
  10. Friday, November 24

    Misty Copeland dances Aurora with the Australian Ballet.
  11. Thursday, November 23

    Beauty tips from Misty Copeland.
  12. Friday, November 24

    A behind-the-scenes photo gallery of the American Repertory Ballet/Princeton Ballet School’s Nutcracker.
  13. Friday, November 24

    An interview with the Royal's William Bracewell.
  14. Friday, November 24

    Northwest Ballet Company presents its Nutcracker.
  15. Friday, November 24

    Ballet West presents a redesigned Nutcracker.
  16. Friday, November 24

    Reviews of the Royal Ballet in "Sylvia." The Financial Times The Evening Standard The Daily Telegraph The Stage
  17. Do they still have it? If so, is it only for sold out perfs? And if so, is it number limited?
  18. Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    Recent post by Catherine Pawlick on the Smirnova-Chudin-Kavalyova Giselle of November 11th. Read her remarks regarding Alyona's Myrtha debut - now I'm twice sorry that I missed this completely : http://www.vaganovatoday.com/grigorovichs-giselle-bolshoi-ballet
  19. Nutcracker Casting

    I thought that in past years there were three girls rotating in the part (also three princes). Anyone know for sure?
  20. Has this music ever been used for ballet, either the entire suite (40 mins) or selected movements? The Gadfly story may not be the best for a ballet but the music -- even I could choreograph to it.
  21. Friday, November 17

    An obituary for Girish Bhargava. Related, from 2016.
  22. I, too, was hoping for a miracle. Didn't happen. This is just a crushing, crushing loss. The angels are nudging each other and asking where he got that breath control. Thank you for posting the news, volcanohunter.
  23. Thursday, November 23

    A review of the National Ballet of Canada in "The Winter's Tale" by Denise Sum for danceviewtimes.
  24. Tuesday, November 21

    A report on Marcelo Gomes and Sarasota Ballet at the Guggenheim's Works & Process by Mary Cargill for danceviewtimes.
  25. Thursday, November 23

    A story on Pacific Northwest Ballet's Mother Ginger by Moira Macdonald in The Seattle Times.
  26. Wednesday, November 22

    A Pacific Northwest Ballet Nutcracker photo gallery.
  27. Thursday, November 23

    A review of the National Ballet of Canada in "Nijinsky" by Michael Crabb in The Toronto Star.
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