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Here goes--I don't know where this will turn up! There are many times when I start ruminating about all things related to ballet, and I guess it would be fun to see those thoughts in print. As I sit here writing this I have on my wall a 5x7 photo of Tamara Toumanova (Fred Fehl) taken many years ago at an outdoor arena in New York City (the Bronx) called Lewisohn Stadium--which was set up to look like a Greek theatre. Toumanova is in white practice clothes and not wearing makeup, and she never looked more beautiful. I have never seen this photo reproduced in any book. I would guess this photo is from the early 40's. Someday I will get a scanner, I would like to share it with others. She is leaning a against a white pillar in what I have seen described as 6th position (the weight is on one foot, and the other leg is crossed at the ankle, in front). She is wearing a short simple practice tutu and a white short sleeved sweater; knotted under her bosom, revealing her naked waist. This is the only photo of a dancer that I have showing in my home, and I sometimes cannot understand why! I enjoyed seeing her perform, but she is not at the top of my list of favorites. At one time I made an oil painting of this photo (which I still have buried in a closet), but my skills were not too good at the time and I had problems with the face; although I was satisfied with the rest of the anatomy. Well, I am going to post this now---I hope I did it right!! (9/17/03)

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